I Performed a Wedding!

So!  After several days of radio silence I am returned.  I didn’t intend it to be that long, but if you follow my Twitter at all you’ll know that  plane mechanical issues kept me over in Marquette an extra day longer than I planned.  It was no big deal–I didn’t have work today that I needed to get back for, and Delta paid for all my expenses–but just kind of annoying.  Although, honestly, I got to spend the day with a super-cute guy, so…. Win?  I think so!

In case anyone wasn’t aware, I was back in Michigan for the wedding of one of my friends.  I was the officiate!  8D  I know, right?  But I went on http://www.theamm.org and got my license for free in like 5 seconds.  BOOM.  A lot cheaper than the chick she was originally going to hire, and I was going to be there anyway, sooooo….  yeah!  Getting there was no big deal, even if leaving was a bit of a pain, and it was nice to spend a few days with the friends I left behind in May and not see again for some time!


(I might post some pictures, whenever she gets them up on Facebook, so you can see me in my cute dress and my messy hair, lol.  I also did her makeup, which came out faaaabulous!)

An unexpected bonus was that I was feeling VERY productive and focused on the flights, so I wrote a TON of story.  Well, a ton being relative.  But, guys, I did something seriously awesome just as my flight was landing back into Cleveland.

I wrote the words ‘The End’.

8)  The face I was making when I scrawled those two words, with all-due flourish, into my notebook, must have been priceless.  (Although luckily my seatmate was still asleep.)  NOT THAT THE STORY IS FINISHED, mind you–that will get an amazing, huge-fonted post of its own–but I wrote the final scenes of the book today.  I WROTE THE FINAL SCENE GUYS.  GUYS.  GUYS SERIOUSLY.  THE FINAL.  WORDS.  I wrote them with an amazing blue pen that I found in a hotel barroom, in the Alfred Hitchcock novel-turned-notebook I got in Portland.  And while they may not be the last words of the draft, they are the almost-last words, and the first time I’ve ever gotten to ‘The End’ on a full-length project.

My smile is hurting my face, guys, but I don’t even care.

(I’ll update the word count once I get it all transcribed onto Yarny.)

SO.  I’m back, I have a few post ideas ready for the coming days, and I’m on track to meet my goal of finishing my first draft by July 1st.  (I don’t even care if it’s not pretty, I’m doing it!)  Nothing else comes to mind which might drag me away from home or interrupt my writing/blogging schedule, such as it is.  NOT FOR AWHILE, ANYWAY!  I might try to get away later in the summer, but for now I need to buckle down, clean my room, finish my book and work on Macys stuff.

It’s good to be back!



4 thoughts on “I Performed a Wedding!

    • Woo, Haylie! =D Welcome to commenting on my blog–I’ll love you forever! And that would be sweet. 🙂 It’s not done quite yet, but I have a list of a couple people per draft to be my readers. I’ll let you know when it gets that far, ha ha!

  1. Goodness! I believe double congratulations are in order 🙂 First of all, congrats on rocking the officiation! My friends (not the ones getting married this weekend, different friends) are thinking of getting another of our friends to officiate … on the condition that he begin his speech with “Mawwiage”. I sincerely hope that plans go through, because … well, because it would be awesome 😀

    And congrats on writing the final scene!!! Best feeling ever. Well, not as good as actually finishing the complete manuscript, but you sound like you’re well on your way to getting there 😀 Does this mean I get to read it soon???? 😀

    • Yeah!! :)) It was short, sweet, and to the point, which is what my friend wanted, and I was glad I could give it to her. LOL. Well, since I put that picture in there, your friends are obviously not the only ones who associate marriage with ‘mawwiage’!

      And thanks. >w_> Only people I’ve known for years get subjected to that horror, LOL. I still have a reputation to maintain here!! xD

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