Happy Birthday CelesteDeWolfe.Com!

I know, I can’t believe it either!  I’ve had my blog for a year, and it’s just kind of mind-boggling to think about.  And, yet, not so much.  Does that make any sense?  I hope so!  I mean, time always goes fast, but… yeah.  Wow.  Plus, I mean, a whole year (relatively speaking) of blogging, and I’m still doing it!  That’s, like, some kind of crazy record for me!  WOO HOO!  Sticking to something!  That’s new!

Now the blog was created about a year ago, but I never did my first post until like July 4–so if anyone checks, yeah, that’s what you’ll find. xD  I was in Ireland, actually, so all those early posts have a flavor of traveling and exciting adventure and pictures of green-ness and stuff.  (God, I miss Ireland.)  No such amazing trip this year, I’m afraid.  Just Macy’s and more Macy’s, but that’s cool.

So I thought I would do a few fun things to celebrate this momentous occasion!  No, sorry, no giveaways or anything like that–I should have clarified.  Fun for ME.  I’m gonna post… STATISTICS! 8D  WOO.

Let’s see.  In this first year, my blog has gotten:





I’ve done, like, 85 Posts!


And I have you to thank for them, anyone who ever read what i had to say or, God forbid, left a comment to encourage me in my goals as a writer and a blogger.  I’m in love with you all, really.  I’ve made some good friends, found some great new reading material and authors to follow, and in general had a much nicer year this year than the last because I added this website to my life.

I’m in the beginnings of living the dream, my friends.  Of living my PERSONAL dream of being a published author.  And for some, unknown reason, you guys are interested in that.  I thank you whole-heartedly. 🙂  (And pity you a little, since you’re obviously crazy.)

So I’m gonna push for even bigger numbers next year.  And here’s hoping there’s also a book I can plug by then!!

So, so much love,


(PS – Sorry, been in a GIF mood lately.  Are they annoying?  Does anyone care? IDEK.)



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday CelesteDeWolfe.Com!

  1. IDEK … my social media senses tell me that means “i don’t even know”, but my spidey senses tell me it means “irrelevant decisions evoke knowledge”.

    Ahem. Insanity aside, congratulations!!!!! My own blog birthday was a few weeks ago, but I totally missed it and barely mentioned it to anyone. Your gif-filled celebratory post was much more impressive 🙂 Congrats, and looking forward to finally reading this book you keep mentioning 😀

    • LOL, thank you. 🙂 And it is my hope that, if I mention it enough, it might magically spring fully-formed into being. 😛 Or I might finally finish it–one or the other.
      Thanks for being a great blog-buddy, and net pal! I look forward to another year of awesome things from the both of us. =D

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