One Day Write: 6/16/13

My Day:

1:30 PM – Obviously I start the day off right by sleeping in until the afternoon, and even then I only got up because my mom came in and told me if I wanted any lunch I better get moving.  I’d been having some sort of dream about something-or-other–I could tell it was enjoyable, because I always sleep later when I like the dream–but couldn’t remember it once I’d fully regained consciousness. 😦

Got up and ate.  Took a shower.  Felt less like a nasty, sweaty, greasy hobo.  HURRAH.

2:30 PM – This would have naturally been a good time to do something, but I did not.  Instead I read some of the book I’m currently working on (Passion Play by Beth Bernobich) and played a game of Magic with myself.  (I won and lost, naturally.)  Gave my dad his Father’s Day present, which was a 25ft X Hose that he’d asked for specifically, but he still seemed surprised and liked it well enough. 🙂

More reading. Some internet searching.  A lot of Facebook.

5 PM – We finally went over to my grandparent’s house for Family Dinner Night.  I got to carry mom’s pie that she  made, which looked delicious.  She kept making sure I wasn’t squishing it or something the whole way.  No squishing–just smelling and wishing i could eat it.  Greeted the aunt, uncle, cousin and grandparents.  Sister was at work.  Older cousin is still away at school.  A smaller tribe than usual.

6PM – We feasted!  Tonight’s layout was an Italian deal, with spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and some oddly delicious bell peppers.  (I normally have to force myself to eat my vegetables, but those were AMAZING.)

8PM – Lounged on the couch in a food coma for several hours talking with various family members, who were recounting scars they obtained in their youth due to accidents and lack of knowledge about safety precautions back in the olden days.  (honestly have no idea how most of them are still alive, considering there was more than one incident of cut arteries or falling out of moving vehicles.)  I laughed so hard that I couldn’t breath at my uncle, who was making jokes about my being carried around in a sedan chair.  (you probably had to be there.)

10PM – Home again home again where, you guessed it, I did no writing at all.  I put my gerbils into their balls so that I could clean their cage, and my mother played grandma with them and made sure they weren’t eaten.  We had a bad minute where we thought we lost Spock, but realized he had rolled his ball into a bag that had fallen over on its side.  He’s obviously very talented.


Literally, does this even still count?  Oh well.  Put on my playlist and wrote for about an hour, which was bumpy and full of starts and stops, but I guess this is to be expected when I haven’t written a thing in like a month.  Longer.  Realized that battle scenes are a pain the BUTT, and will be writing a post on that later.

Didn’t actually write anything attached to what I have, but skipped around, writing scenes at the end that had been stuck in my head.  Hope to get a little further tomorrow morning, before I have work in the evening.  Plus the stupid scene is going in a direction I hadn’t intended, so I might end up changing the whole thing anyway.  WRITING, MAN.  It’s like building a house, and then deciding you don’t like the porch, the roof, the second floor, or the basement, and tearing the whole thing up to rebuild it… But, like, twenty times.  Urgh.

(I secretly love/hate it.)

One Day Write Word Count: 1,794


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