Gonna Try Something New!

I thought that I might experiment with a new kind of post on my blog today, in which I declare a certain day a ‘writing day,’ and then I proceed to keep track of everything I did that day and write it out in a post.  The idea being, of course, that accountability will help with my productivity.  Will it work?  Who knows!  But it’s worth a try, I think.  It will be kind of like when comic or cartoon artists do those full-day comics, where they draw comics about a day of drawing comics…?  COMIC-CEPTION.  Except that, in my case, I will spend a day (theoretically) working on my novel, and then the next day write a post about what I ACTUALLY spent the day doing.  (Hopefully including some book progress.)

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Sound like a plan?  Excellent!  The first of these is going to be today, Sunday, because it is the first day off that I’ve had in awhile, and Life of Gaia has been on my mind a lot lately.  (Influenced by this song I’ve been listening to a lot on Youtube.)

ANYWAY, I’m not exactly sure how far I’ll get, since tomorrow is Father’s Day and we also have family dinner, but I guess you’ll get to see how exactly I fill my hours when I do my post tomorrow!  If it seems like this works for me, or it’s popular, or I just need something to post about, I’ll probably do more of them, so… Yeah.

Wish me luck!


((As a random after-note, I worked for 9 hours today ringing in the shoe department.  I left with two pairs of shoes, which roughly cost what I made in that 9 hours.  #FacePalm #IHaveAProblem #ButTheyWereCute #AndOnSale  WORK IS OBVIOUSLY GOING WELL.))


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