I’m not going to lie,

I have been very, very lazy lately.

I got back from Marquette and graduation and all of that jazz about a week ago, and haven’t done much of a thing since.  Well, I guess that’s no ENTIRELY true–I celebrated Mother’s Day, got to go see this terrible movie called The Room with my friends, saw the AWESOME movie The Great Gatsby (and yes I read the book,) mowed the lawn, applied to a couple of jobs, and downloaded Ragnarok II to play into the wee hours of the night.

So, I mean, technically I’ve been doing things, just not much of anything useful.  Haven’t touched my book.  (Though I’m kind of waiting till I get my new laptop this week to start that up again/finish it.)  Obviously haven’t written much on the blog, hence this post assuring everyone I’m not dead.  Haven’t actually GOTTEN a job, so not working yet.  Haven’t cleaned my room.  (All of the stuff from my apartment is sitting in piles in the downstairs living room.  Whoops.)  BUT I’M TRYING TO CHANGE ALL THAT.

Now that I’ve had my week to laze around in my pajamas, eating chips & salsa in my bed and refusing to get up till 5 PM, I think I’m ready to rejoin society for Business As Usual.  Obviously I don’t want to abandon my precious readers, that I spent many many moons trying to get to pay attention to me, and it’s still killing me that the first draft isn’t done yet.  (If you go over to Michelle‘s page, you’ll note that she’s already finished the draft of Chasing Nonconformity, although to be fair she had part of it written before releasing her first book, so I’m trying not to be jealous.)  Anyway, the point is that I’m going to try to get back here more, and also do things worth updating you on, so wish me luck! 🙂

THUS.  My question for everyone today.  When I do finally get the means to write again, and write properly, I’m not entirely sure WHERE I’ll end up writing, you know?  My room doesn’t exactly have a desk, and I’m absent the nice university study lounges where I used to do most of my noveling.  Where do all of you write?  At a desk, treating it like a 9-5?  At the library?  At a cafe?  At the beach?  Let me know!  I’m very interested. 🙂  And when I establish my new at-home-writing routine, I will make sure to blog about it!

Lovely to see you all again.  Hope you’ve been taking care. Also, have some pictures! *Throws*

❤ Celeste


This is what my mountainous pile of stuff looked like, waiting to go out to the cars.



Hee hee hee… ❤ you Gram. Plus, my adorable new hair!




There she is, Miss America… Oh wait. Nope. Just me in mah cordz and mah medalz. SUMMA, YO.


2 thoughts on “I’m not going to lie,

  1. SUMMA! Awesome haircut, love it. I’ve been thinking of going back to the “pony bangs” look, as my brother calls it. I rocked it for a while, but then the bangs grew out and I never bothered to cut them. Hmmm …

    I wish you several large mountains-worth of luck on your assorted goals. How goes the job hunt? And yes, I did have most of my sequel written already, so don’t compare our respective projects, lol. Writing places … I seem to do most of my writing at my desk, although I wish I didn’t. I used to go to Starbucks a lot and write there, but coffee makes me sick, sugary or hot drinks make me burp, and the only thing left seems to be water, so … yeah. 😀 One of my recent finds is a small gazebo in the park near my apartment, which features a cozy picnic table where I bring my shiny new netbook and write (occasionally). I am once again horribly behind on work (what else is new?), so I don’t see myself getting much free time to write in the near future. 🙂

    • I’ve always loved bangs, but I often let mine grow out as well, so… I get them for a few weeks, then have to wait till I get the time/money for a hair cut again. x) Thanks for all the luck! =D So far it’s going so-so. The job is.. nonexistent, so far, but I’m interviewing somewhere tomorrow, so I guess that’s something. Yeah, Starbucks seems like it wouldn’t work so well for someone who apparently can’t drink anything. xDD But I seem to do my best work in a public setting, so I guess I’ll be exploring potential new places to set up camp/make myself a nuisance. Your gazebo sounds pretty, though! And boo on work. 😛 You just need to hurry up and get famous so you can write full-time and forget that other nonsense.

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