The Writer’s Voice Entry!

As one of the 150 people chosen for The Writer’s Voice contest, I’m so pleased to be able to present my query and first 250 words for consideration!  This is just a great opportunity, and I’m feeling just so amazing to even be looked at.

Growing up in a monastery is really, really boring.  Acolyte Gaia can definitely attest to that.  It’s a shame that she is sure she will spend her entire life within its walls.

That turns out to be a lot shorter than she thought.

 But what is one life worth if not saving the entire planet?  That’s the deal that Immortal Eramis gives her when he finds her dying, and Gaia clings to it without reading the fine print.  The print that says she signs over her soul.  The print that tells her she has to give up her whole life to stop a terrible man.  A psycho who already tried to have her killed.

 And succeeded.

 Eramis needs her because some pretty terrible stuff is happening in the world of Lysaran.  Lords are being assassinated.  People are being killed by a hoard of not-so-harmless woodland creatures.  A gigantic, demonic worg is leading the attack.  And if he’s to be believed, that’s just the first course.

 Sure, the great city of Aeslen has walls nothing can scale, but a siege will bring them to their knees.

Gaia wants to help, really, but she hasn’t learned to wield her fancy new powers yet.   (Except maybe using them for some physical enhancement.)  Eramis is trying to teach her, but he’s grumpy and bossy and worse than the Mother Superior.  Not to mention Gaia suddenly has a boyfriend, kinda-maybe?  It’s complicated.

 With the wolf at their door and the bodies piling up, Gaia will be forced to face the deal she has made.  But with everything she is giving up, she isn’t sure this new life is worth the trade…  Or if she’ll even live long enough to enjoy it.

THE LIFE OF GAIA is a YA Fantasy novel, weighing in at about 80,000 words, with plenty of option for future books…

“Gaia?” There was a soft knock at the door, urging my mind to focus out of the fog it had been floating in.  I didn’t move, but gave an affirmative grunt that was not at all ladylike.

                “I’m awake.” I managed after a moment, feeling badly.  After all, it was Sister Sofia on the other side of the wood, and I didn’t want her to think I was ignoring her.  We were friends, of a fashion.  I closed my eyes.  “I’ll be up in just a few moments.”

“Take your time,” she replied, chipper, like any proper servant of the Church so early in the morning, “I’ll just be down the hall.”

Listening to her whistle as she left, I wasn’t sure where the time had gone.  I was amazed to realize that it was full light, the warmth of the summer sun blasting the stone of the monastery and returning it to baking temperatures.  Could I have possibly dozed off?  That hadn’t happened in… Well, ever, as far as I could remember.

There wasn’t time to think about it.  Pulling my nightdress over my head I tossed it on my bed, balling up the covers and throwing them back on as well.  Although we were supposed to make our beds every morning as part of chores, I figured I had a late enough start as it was.  It wasn’t as if anyone had to suffer my untidiness but me.

Pouring some water into the bowl beneath my bed I washed myself, getting rid of the sweat of the night, erasing any traces of my fitful sleeping and worse waking.


5 thoughts on “The Writer’s Voice Entry!

  1. Ooh, a story starting in a monastery? I am definitely intrigued! And love the deal with the devil too. I believe your query could probably be a bit tighter, but it’s a great start here. Good luck!

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