Graduation Countdown: Day 3

This is part of a countdown series!  As I go through these last 10 days before my college graduation, I just thought I would look back on my four years at Northern Michigan University and write about some of my best memories.


I never thought that I would be playing Dungeons and Dragons.

And I guess I technically never did, but I came pretty darn close when my friends and I formed a table-top Firefly-based RP group at the end of Sophomore year.  (This is the same group of screwy oddballs from Habitat Hall, you’ll remember.)  I think it was probably Steve’s idea–the monstrously-built lumberjack with the ponytail who liked to draw spaceships.  He ended up as Captain of our ship, and our GM.  But I digress.

You left too soon, sweet angel.

I actually didn’t start out playing with everyone else.  I’d never even seen Firefly, at least not then, and I wasn’t sure that being in a roleplay group about something I knew nothing about was a great idea.  My ex-roommate suitemate talked me into joining anyway, and then the two of us proceeded to catch up on Firefly.  (The cancellation of which is possibly the biggest injustice in the ‘Verse of Nerdom.  Just saying.)  So I missed the initial session, but I caught up pretty darn quick.

And it was awesome.  I don’t know why I’m always surprised at my own level of dorkiness.  I mean, seriously–you’d think that, at this point, I would believe that anything is fair game.  I thought that I would never like Star Trek.  I was wrong.  I thought I would never play any version of D&D.  I was also wrong.  I think I’m just going to stop setting up limits for myself, because I keep tearing them down left and right.  What can I say?  My dork flag flies high indeed.

But there was just something about the looseness, the openness of it that drew me in.  Plus, once I had familiarized myself with the world, it seemed like an amazing place to create an exciting story–part old West, part sci-fi futurism, all kinds of rule-breaking, and room for a host of characters to co-exist together for a legitimate reason.  I loved making decisions and having to deal with the outcomes, decided by Steve’s GM rulings and also my own rolling of the dice.  The possibilities were endless, and awesome.  It was a really good time.

 photo dreyaseductive.png

A picture I drew of my character, Dreya.

Our group, which had entirely too many people at 8-9 a session, ran for about a year unimpeded.  We had meetings once a week when we were in school–when we weren’t, we would play a bit on forums, or over Skype when we could get everyone online at the same time.  Sadly, the group eventually crumbled under the weight of our lives taking different turns–as well as a feud between my ex-roommate and I that was hard to maneuver around.  (Although we did so for almost a semester.)  Luckily the story had reached a natural stopping point, and we had just finished a major storyline, so all in all it worked out pretty well.

I know that this is hugely nerdy, but it was a highlight of my time in college, that RP group.  For the most part I enjoyed the people that were in it, and the hours that we spent weaving imaginary happenings for our motley crew was time well spent in my eyes.  Maybe someday I’ll even get to use elements of it in a novel.  Who knows?  (But it was pretty freakin’ sweet.)

((For anyone who was wondering, my character was an illegal-companion-turned-mercenary named Dreya Auberon.  She was not particularly well-liked aboard the ship, although she did have a few people one might consider friends.  Nor was she a very good mercenary.  But she had something, and I loved her, short-comings and all.  (And there were many short-comings.)  Their ship was called the Iron Horse, run by Captain Steve.  (Heh heh.)  Maybe some day I’ll write more about the RP and its stories, because I just hate to let them go–they were AWESOME.))

Art by my friend Lauren. (Who was in the group.) My character, Dreya, and her character, Vincent, verbally sparring. (Which they often did. I suspected sexual tension.)

More Lauren pics! From left: Matthias, Maxwell and Sebastian (x2). All characters from the RP.


4 thoughts on “Graduation Countdown: Day 3

  1. Oooooh Firefly RP! Fun!!! No sarcasm here. I regularly play DnD, Ars Magica, L5R … ahhh, RP. So fun. But only if you play with the right people! Otherwise it becomes tedious and dull. But with the right group of intrepid adventurers … pure magic, my friend. Pure magic.

    • I totally agree! =D I’m trying to get another group together, because I just plain miss the whole experience. Although since I started with Firefly, I feel like it would be hard to play in another setting–but maybe not! I mean, your imagination can take you anywhere, right? x)

      • Exactly! One of the parts I really enjoy about DnD is that the settings are so varied — you go really wherever the DM wants you to go. I’ve been to ice cities … trap-riddled caverns … werewolf-infested villages … ancient Dwarven burial tombs … 😀

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