Graduation Countdown: Day 7

This is part of a countdown series!  As I go through these last 10 days before my college graduation, I just thought I would look back on my four years at Northern Michigan University and write about some of my best memories.


Sorry this is a bit late, but here you go!

You never really grow out of pillow forts.

You just learn how to hide your desire to make them, since getting older means that people find it less cute and more annoying when you swipe every pillow and blanket in the house to indulge your insanity.  Lucky me, I got to make three pillow forts during my college experience, and it. Was. Magical.

The first one was Habitat Hotel.  You’ll recall that I was living in Habitat House my freshman year.  Apparently a thing they had started the year before was going down to the study lounge and making a fort out of the furniture.  Tables, chairs and couches all arranged, with pillows and blankets duct-taped in a circus-tent shape.  Inside was room enough for the 12 or so of us to sit comfortably, as well as get a TV in there.  We all sat on pillows.  It was very New Age.

I was excited to get an invite.  I mean, everyone in the hall was technically ‘invited,’ but everyone really wanted me to come.  And of course I did–like I was going to miss making a pillow fort?–so that night I was in the study lounge duct-taping with the best of them.  We got pizza, paid for by hall funds, as well as pop and snacks.  It was surprisingly roomy.  It fit all of us, even our  biggest hall member, a guy who was built like he might be related to Hagrid.

After we’d all eaten, played a few games and talked our way through a movie, everyone said we should play Never Have I Ever.  It’s one of those games where you say a ‘Never have I ever,’ and everyone who’s done that thing puts down a finger.  When you reach ten, you had to tell an embarrassing/interesting/crazy story.  I learned a lot of things about my fellow dorm mates that night.  Mostly how few things I’ve done in my life.  It got to the point that people were saying things directed towards me just so that I would have to put down fingers.

I didn’t sleep in the tent, but I stayed there until well into the morning, not wanting to give up the fun.  Then I went back down the next day to help tear it up.

(And in case you were wondering, we had a Habitat Hotel the next year as well, and built a pillow fort in our room once.  PILLOW FORTS ARE AWESOME.)


2 thoughts on “Graduation Countdown: Day 7

  1. Man, your college experience was so much more awesome than mine. I never built a pillow/blanket fort. Well, unless you count stringing up a blanket between my upturned desk and desk chair to block out the sun when I moved into a new apartment and hadn’t put up blinds yet. That counts right? RIGHT?

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