Graduation Countdown!: Day 8

This is part of a countdown series!  As I go through these last 10 days before my college graduation, I just thought I would look back on my four years at Northern Michigan University and write about some of my best memories.


Allow me to take a break from my boring tedium of washing dishes and cleaning apartment to bring you today’s story!

I’d never been a Tetris block before.

That changed Freshman year during Homecoming week.  Yeah, week.  Back in high school homecoming was a weekend thing–a football game that I didn’t go to, and a dance that I did–but the events just kept coming.  Obviously I was eager to fully immerse myself in the crazy college culture, so I signed up to do a few of the activities with my House.  One of those things was walking in the Homecoming Parade.  The other was participating in something called the Dead River Games.

I’m the one with the transition glasses lookin’ like, whut?

A few days beforehand we all got together and had a T-shirt designing party where we could emblazon our particular tetris block on our shirts for the parade.  (Each house was a different block, and West Hall as an entity was Tetris.  We all made big block versions and made different shapes while we walked (as you can see above.)  It was awesome.)  I did that thing, where you cut up the sides and then tie them together?  I’d never done that before, and I think it turned out pretty awesome. 🙂

But the thing that definitely took the cake Homecoming-wise were the Dead River Games.  They happen on the beach of Lake Superior, and the weather was truly gorgeous for a day of fun.  I was signed up for a couple of events, but the most pressing was one where a team member stands on top of a ladder and drops ice cream scoops into the open mouths of other members, who are lying on the ground.  You go one at a time, and the idea is to be the first team to get through everyone.

How can you possibly lose?  There’s ICE CREAM involved!  So after a hectic few minutes of yelling and screaming and cheering and racing it was my turn.  I slid onto my back in that sand quick as you please, and the guy on the ladder already had a huge scoop-full waiting.  The first one caught me right on the neck.  Not even close.  I scootched, and he re-aimed, and then another cold ball of ice was hitting me in the face.  I guess that one landed close enough to my mouth, because the referee called it good and I was scrambling to get out of the way.  It was really more of the side of my mouth, but I wasn’t arguing.

Yeah, that’s actually me on the ground, not that you can tell. xD

I was trying to get it all in there without getting any sand sprinkled on.  And then washing off, because of course I was sticky and covered in melting vanilla.

We didn’t win that (although we got like 3rd place,) and we didn’t win the later event, which was to make a sand sculpture that fit our theme.  But it was a fun day, my first spent on the beach at Northern, and I got ice cream to boot.  What else can you really ask for?

Aw, yay group pictures. (It’s so weird to see some of these guys again!)


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