Celeste’s Furry New Friends!

Yeah, okay, it’s a dopey title, but the contents are kind of dopey too, so. 🙂

Sorry again for being a terrible blogger!  What with CampNano, trying to finish my story, taking care of my new additions, starting to clean and pack for graduation and finishing up all of the school junk…  Well, I think you get the idea!  I’m just a little bit busy.  For that reason I’m doing a short-ish, happy, light little post for you today, just to introduce you to my new gerbils!


Tah-dah!  ❤

Meet Kirk and Spock!

I got them last Tuesday from the local animal shelter–they were a Graduation present.  I’ve been wanting to get gerbils for ages, but I knew my parents wouldn’t be crazy about the idea, so my friend Katie took the plunge for me.  (I’m so glad she did.)

Their original names, as you can guess, were not ACTUALLY Kirk and Spock, but it was too perfect to pass up.  (We even bought them blue and yellow run-around balls so they would be accurate color-wise.)  And although it has only been a week, I think the three of us are getting along swimmingly.  😀 ❤


Spock likes to spend most of his time in the little wooden hut, while Kirk, much like his namesake, is very adventurous and outgoing.  I like to set the cage on my bed, slide one of my pillows under the cage door, and watch as he gradually makes his way out to explore.  They’re not very sedate gerbils, however, so holding them is an experience all by itself.


SO, anyway, that’s what I’ve kind of been doing with my time, among the myriad of other things.  Don’t worry, I’m still working on my novel–I have a LOT of faith that it will be done at the end of the month. 🙂  I’m really looking forward to seeing all of my family again, and not having to do HOMEWORK!

As a sort of wrapping-up, as far as the rest of things go, I’m pretty good.  I think I was kind of sick for a few days, but that seems to have cleared up–it’s probably because I was pulling a lot of all-nighters, which is just hell on the immune system.  The weather has been pretty much shit–we had, like, a legit blizzard, and then just a heaping of wet snow the next day–but yesterday was warm and sunny, so I have my fingers crossed that we’ve seen the last of that nonsense.  I’ve also started watching episodes of “Community” in-between doing other things.  It’s interesting!

Anyway, hope to see you all again soon with a post about something that isn’t me soon. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Celeste’s Furry New Friends!

    • I know!! 🙂 I thought you would appreciate finally getting to see a picture or two of them. ^^ I just cleaned their cage today, so they were running around in their little balls pooping all over the place. It was sort of awe-inspiring. But, on the bright side, they are so silky, and they have yet to bite me, so that’s nice.

  1. They’re adorable! Even more adorable because of the names 😀 Did I ever tell you I named one of my Korean students “Spock”? He had no idea who it was, but he liked the sound of the name so he kept it. Hehehe …

    Go book go! You’re totally going to finish by the end of the month 😀 And it’s barely halfway through, so you have lots of time!

    Yes, sickness probably tied to not sleeping, lol. Sleep more! Sheesh. And Community is awesome 😀

    That is all.

    • Ah ha ha! xD No, you definitely did not impart that, but that is HILARIOUS. Though slightly tragic–more people need to know about Star Trek! And yeah, they’re pretty cute. ^^ ❤ I am totally thinking it should be done by then, so yay, go me! That's only 5 months, right? And I think I might start working on something else while that one is being edited and beta-read. (But I'm getting slightly ahead of myself.)
      YES M'AM. More sleeping. xD It's like, I can never sleep moderately. It's either not sleep at all, or sleep for like 18+ hours in one go. Just can't win.
      Yeah, COMMUNITY is pretty boss. Just watched the Dungeons and Dragons episode. Nearly died.

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