Writer Report 3/11/13 — 50k Words!

Hello everyone!  Just a general-update post here, to kind of sum up what I’ve been up to for the past few days.  Which was a lot of nothing, with a few somethings thrown in for good measure.

This past week was my Spring Break!  A well-needed week off if there ever was one, to be sure.  I feel much more able to deal with the rest of the year–especially since I’m going to get another few days off week after this when I go with my Sigma Tau Delta group to Portland for the writer’s convention!  (I will no doubt do a post dedicated to that later.)

Here’s a picture of me with a mojito that I was very proud of. Sorry that the most recent pictures I have of myself are from Christmas. xD YAY BOOZE. (I’m 22, so it’s totally legal.)

Anyway, break is over now.  Or at least it would be if my only class of the day hadn’t been canceled due to inclement weather.  Seriously, it’s just nuts outside, blizzarding like mad.  I swear to God, yesterday the weather was springy and balmy, with a little rain and a LOT of melting snow.  Then I wake up to this.  I wish it would make up its mind already, because a lot of what I did over break was shop for cute Spring clothes that I will never be able to wear if the weather doesn’t GET WITH THE PROGRAM!  Yeesh.

My MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT, which the more intrepid among you might have gleaned from the title, was reaching the 50,000 word mark on my Life of Gaia manuscript.  8D  When I finally finished at 52k, the limits on my pride were boundless–it was like when, in cartoons, someone does one of those carnival strength-tests, and they hit it so hard the bell just goes flying off the top?  Okay, maybe that was a really obscure comparison, but it was very apt.  It took 9 hours, pots of tea, and some striving to stay awake, but after a night of writing I reached the promised land. And it was beautiful.

And then an angelic choir sang my praises as a holy beam of light engulfed me… Or something like that.

According to my very loose, easily-changed calculations, I have about 25k words left to go before this thing is a wrap.  That goal seems more and more reachable every day, which just tickles me pink and brings a huge smile to my face every time I think about it. ^^  I’ve been getting lots of encouragement on Facebook, from friends, family, general interested parties, and my beta-readers, which is just great.  I figure I’ll let them read it as soon as I’m done, with maybe a cursory edit or two, just for the main things.  That way I can best see where we’re at here, because I’m just too close at this point.  (It’s nice that I feel confident enough to plan for the future.)

Other than that, most of my week was spent giving my apartment a much-needed cleaning, doing umpty-billion loads of laundry, watching way too much Hulu and filming myself doing random makeup looks.  A friend of mine whose break is this week went to Myrtle Beach, and I’m just so jealous I’m turning green–but that’s OK, because at least I’ll be on trend.  (Emerald is the color of the year.)  I told her to at least get a tan for me.  (I never tan; I burn.)

Oh man I wish. <!–3

So I hope everyone else is doing well. 🙂  Keep on keeping on!  I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be doing for the upcoming blog posts, but I imagine I will think of something, and hopefully it will be at least mildly entertaining.  Wish me luck!



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