My Support Network as a Writer

G’day my little nuggets!

I am in the midst of my Spring Break at the moment, and I am feeling quite fantastic!  I’ve gotten about 12 hours of sleep a night, have reverted back to my natural state as a nocturnal creature, and have actually washed all of the dishes in my apartment.  (This was immediately necessary since I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to eat on or with.)  I also took out like 8 bags of trash.  The way I live is… interesting. (And I’m  not awake when I post this, I have it set to post automatically.)


I was doing some drawing until my tablet kind of died, so here, have a Spring Break ’13 picture I drew! It’s Sonya from LOTL as Sagittarius, my sign.

Anyway! So I was thinking about what kind of post to do for today, and thought I would talk about my support system as a writer.  I think it’s a pertinent topic, and always fun to see the different kinds of support–or lack thereof–that different writers have.

As for me, I guess it is kind of complicated.  If I had to name my biggest support as a writer, it would definitely have to be my grandmother.  She is the sweetest lady you could ever meet, but kick-butt when she needs to be.  She has written me a letter every week for the 4 years I’ve been in college, and she always includes little tidbits that she’s cut out of the newspaper that she thinks I’ll find interesting.  In addition, I get a hand-written note, occasional some cash, and a card that may or may not relate to anything at all.  (For instance, a ‘Happy Bar Mitzvah’ card, or the ‘Congratulations on your New Home!’ card.)  My gram is a card for sure. My sister and I spent half our childhoods at her house when our mom and dad were working, so in a lot of ways she is like an additional parent.

And she has always, always always believed in me.  Anything that I wanted to do, she told me I could.  Every time I did anything at all, it was like I’d invented the wheel–I got more praise than anyone could ever wish for.  She remembers every little thing I tell her, like when I mentioned a food that I like.  Whenever something exciting, or funny, or random happens at school, I usually call her, since I know she’s retired and will be there to answer.

Ha ha, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to become a profile on my grandma. x)  BUT, the point is, she is definitely the one who, out of everyone I know, has without a doubt always supported my writing 100%.  She believed that I could write a book even when I wasn’t that sure.  She tells her friends at the book club about what I’m working on–I feel bad for them, always having to listen about what I’m doing–but it helps inspire me.  When I hit 40k words I told Gram, and I think she was at least as excited as I was.

No doubt, my grandmother is at least half of my support as a writer.

My Grandma and Grandpa, myself, and my sister. It was her graduation. I’m the floating head taller than everyone else in the back. xD

The rest of my family is supportive, but I think they’re waiting for me to actually produce one of these books I’ve been talking about.  Not that they think I can’t, just that… I haven’t yet, you know?  My mom spends most of her time trying to get me to buckle down and focus on something that will actual provide me with money and benefits, which I understand.  I’m her daughter, and she wants to make sure I can take care of myself.  I appreciate that, but it isn’t always the resolute stand-by-me that I sometimes wish I could get from her.  When I bring up my book, she treats it more as something that is getting in the way of my studies than as what I aspire to do full-time someday.  Then again, my mother’s reading tastes have never strayed far from middle-aged-women-solving-mysteries-with-animals-or-recipes-involved, so a YA Fantasy probably isn’t much up her alley anyway.

My friends, especially my best friends, are also supportive, but again, this is something they’ve heard a lot of times without a finished product, so I think they’re all waiting to see if I’m going to deliver.  Maybe that’s not the most inspiring, but I guess it’s kind of like the boy who cried wolf–if you say you’re writing a book enough times and then don’t have a book to show for it, eventually people are going to stop believing you, you know?  I have groups that are specifically to do with my writing interest–like the Creative Writer’s Club that I’ve been going to–and that has been pretty encouraging, but I think I will need to find something similar when I go back home and join the real world.

I’m the one on the far right. This was in New Orleans at the Sigma Tau Delta Writing Convention, with one of my groups of writer-ly people. Yay support!

But I’m in a good place this time, I’ve written more than I ever have, and I think that I have reached the point in my life where this is kind of do-or-die for me, so…  Maybe I’ll finally get to prove my grandmother right, and give her something else to brag to her friends about.  At least that’s the plan… And maybe I can convince my mom that this IS what I want to do.

So!  What about you guys?

When you’re writing, who is it that understands your crazy passions, and who is it that thinks you’re just plain crazy?  Do you have all the support in the world, or do you have to fight to prove that you’re serious about writing?  Let me know!



10 thoughts on “My Support Network as a Writer

  1. I’m pretty much the same as you — friends and family. Family has supported me through different ways. My mother has played the biggest role, obviously — you’ve heard me talk about her enough to know that. My father didn’t play a big part during the writing process, but now that the book is out, he’s been amazing. He paid for half my copy-edit, and he’s enthusiastically marketing my book to all his work peoples. My brother reads my books and tells me I’m silly, which I suppose is a form of support, lol. And I also need to give a shout out to my aunt, who has been awesome, gave me great feedback, and claims to be my #1 fan. And I believe her! And she’s French, too, so she calls Varrin “Vah-reen”, which I love. XD

    • Ha ha, that sounds awesome! 🙂 Vah-reen, lol. x) And dang, that was really generous of your dad–that copy-edit was ridiculously expensive! And yeah, exactly–I feel like, when the book actually comes out, people will be there to be supportive and help me that way. They’re just—waiting, lol. xD My Gram is more of the pre-book support, ha ha. And your brother seemed… quite brother-ish in that video you did with him, lol. I have a sister who, when I asked if she would read my book, said she would try, so… I guess I can’t ask any more. xD (To be fair Fantasy isn’t her genre either, so. 😛 Apparently I just don’t write anything my family would read. xD Maybe my cousins…)

      • Yeah, my dad’s a sweetheart. And he’s been asking to read the book for ages — I’ve just been putting him off, because I wanted to show him the final copy so he’ll be really proud of me 😀 As for your sister … I get where she’s coming from. If my brother wrote something like a film noir mystery, I’d have a very, very hard time getting through it, even if it was amazing. I hate mysteries. Or god forbid he write some literary fiction. ANYWAY, don’t be too hard on her if fantasy isn’t her genre 😀 I forget what I was saying. Families are awesome. There! The end.

      • Ha ha! I’ll try. 🙂 Oh man, literary fiction. *sigh* I spent 4 years in college as a writing major learning to write only literary fiction when I want to write genre fiction. IT was a sad time. And anyway, if I spent my time trying to write something my sister would read, I’d have to kill myself, because it would be something like ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ in book form, and I just don’t think I could handle that…

      • I dunno, I think that could be fun. Just come up with the most incompetent, over-the-top character you can, and put them in every single cliched high school situation known to man. And make sure there’s lots of drugs and sex and whatever else those crazy kids get up to these days.

      • Ha ha ha, right? x) I’m always like, sis, why do you want to read about what you can see in any High School hallway in America? If I’m going to read something, it’s going to be about alien abductions or vampires or fantasy realms with dragons! :I

      • Ahhhh… I suppose? Then maybe I’ll trick her into reading my vampire series that way. Technically it happens… in… high school? No pregnancies or anything. Definitely no vampire pregnancies. Maybe I’ll leave out the vampire bit when I tell her to read it. xD

  2. I just realized you’ve been posting like crazy this week and I’ve barely read any of them! Your grandmother sounds awesome. Also, we all look so pretty in that NOLA photograph. My parents are a huge part of my support system; my mother is reading my book right now and I got a lot of good feedback from her during our drive home from Connecticut yesterday. My dad is a writer himself, and always has reassuring and encouraging advice for me. Also, they bought me a Writers’ Conference for my birthday and they’re letting me stay at home, and feeding me, because they believe I can do this. Also (I say “also” a lot), Writers’ Club. That (and the Writing Center) was how I met the folks who remain my very best friends, and I think having the writing connection will mean we’ll actually stay in touch and support each other for a long time.

    • Ah ha, well, I don’t know about CRAZY, but I did a few posts. 🙂 Spring Break and all–lots of free time. (Sadly gone now when I have loads of inspiration to write.) My Grandmother is boss, yes. xD I can’t wait to see her when the family comes up for Graduation. (And we do look really good in that picture, don’t we? :)) THAT’S TRUE. Ultimate family support–letting you stick around and feeding you while you do your crazy writing thing. xDD I’m so jealous you got to go to that convention thing, but I will post more about that on your blog when I get a chance. My dad kind of writes too! Go figure. xD And yeah, I like to hope that at least some of the writer-ly people I know from NMU will continue to be a presence for me in times to come. (Though I’m still in touch with you, so that must say something!)

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