Trying to Hold On for the Ride

As you may have noticed, or had forcefully pointed out to you in my last post, I have officially passed 40k words!  Which is amazingI feel like my successes as I get further and further in this book feed themselves, spurring me forward to repeat the process.  I wonder, why couldn’t I have done this before?  But maybe I wasn’t ready before.  I feel that I’ve finally gotten to a place in my writing where I am comfortable, a place in my temperament when I am ready to take criticism, and a place in my life where changes and decisions need to be made.

I basically realized that there was no way in Hell I was going to throw myself from college to a complicated and time-consuming career without at least giving myself the chance that I deserve to become an author.  Not that I expect to suddenly catch fire, become famous and never need to do anything but write books.  (Although that would be AWESOME.)  I mean that I just want to show myself that I can write, that I can finish something, and that, whatever happens, I can say I’m an author. (<3)

Courtesy of my Facebook friends.

So, into the subject of today’s post!

Obviously the writing is going well, but as I posted on Twitter the other day, it feels as though my book is doing some things without consulting me about it.  Like taking that whole ‘the characters will write themselves’ thing and really just running with it.

I mean, in my original outline for this first book I had maybe twenty chapters at the most.  I’m most of the way through chapter 15 at the moment, with at least 8 more of my original chapters left to go, and I have no reason whatsoever to assume that these are likely to go as planned.  Results up till now would say 100% otherwise.

So what’s going on with my book??  Is it really asexually reproducing or what?

Sometimes, such as when I was deep in the midst of my six-hour writing marathon on Valentine’s Day, I feel as though the book is doing its own thing and I’m just the hapless translator its using to write itself down.  Maybe that sounds really cool, and I’ll admit that at time’s it is useful, but it is also downright creepy and annoying sometimes.  I mean, I have a plot written down for a reason, folks!  These are things that I knew would work together.

And yet they never go the way I intended.  I read over the chapter summary, ready myself to write that, and then what comes out is longer, different, and, on occasion, plain nothing like what I had written down.

Is this good?  Bad?  I have no idea.  I feel like it’s the next step up from character hijacking. Book-jacking.  Not that I feel like what is happening is necessarily bad, I just… wish it had been consulted with me first.  And I KNOW it’s all coming from my brain, which is the weirdest part of all.  Apparently these things are just writing themselves up there, and I don’t even have any idea until I find myself typing in a left when I wanted to go right, or vice-versa.  Exciting?  Totally.  Exhausting?  You bet.

So I guess I’m just saying that this getting further into the book this is a bit like finding Wonderland at last.  There’s a lot of falling, getting bigger and smaller, and just trying to hold on for the ride.  I realized I’ve never actually gotten past the beginning of a book, and the middle is just plain weird.  Things are happening, ladies and gents.  Good things?  Bad things?  Useless things?  I guess only editing and beta-readers will tell, because I just don’t even know anymore.

My characters tell me that they’re going to the palace when I wanted to start the battle?

Well, I guess we’re headed to the palace.

I think the most striking occasion of this so far was a scene (again, a scene I hadn’t really planned that just kind of happened) where Eramis appears to tell Gaia it’s time to start her training.  I figured that she would just put him off, but she seemed to have a lot more going on under the surface that I hadn’t accounted for.  She wasn’t just tired and scared, she was pissed.  (Which was also interesting since I’d never seen her pissed off before.)  And this resulted in an all-out nasty fight between them that had even ME staring at the screen with interest.  Didn’t see that coming, I thought to myself when he stormed off.  And then I really thought about that, and realized that the nuthouse was running itself–I’d somehow been replaced as warden.

So I guess we’ll see where this crazy train leads.



4 thoughts on “Trying to Hold On for the Ride

  1. Ain’t it glorious when your characters are like “Shove over, Miss Author, we’re running the show now”? As I’ve mentioned before, I’m super excited to read your crazy train 🙂 Keep the updates coming!!!

    • Ha ha! xD Glorious? Maybe at times. Terrifying? Also in there as well. Mixed with some exhilaration and uncertainty.
      Oh, man. >w<; I'm not sure how I feel about someone being 'super excited' to read it! xD; I mean, I guess that's what I want, but it's so much pressure! I haven't gotten much done since Valentine's Day, unfortunately, but since next week is my spring break I fully intend to breach the 50k word mark. Since I figure 75k words total, that would put me in a good place, although I guess if I worked really hard I could probably finish it. (PFFT like that would happen.)

      • You can do it!!! And above all, don’t rush to publication. That leads to plot holes and logical inconsistencies, which leads to bad reviews, which leads to ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION!!!!!

        That didn’t come off as supportive as I’d hoped it would. Let’s start over. You rock, and your book is going to be fantastic once you’ve written it / edited it / whatever else you’re planning to do to it 😀

      • xDD Oh, you make me chuckle. Anyway, thank you. 🙂 IT was plenty supportive~ But you’re right. I have set a tentative release…vicinity… For like late-summer, August-ish? (I mean that’s like 6 months.) But I am not afraid to renegade on that if need be. xD I’m going by ear here, and the LAST thing I want is a faulty-ass product! (Counter-productive you know.) But someone saying I’ll be fantastic is quite encouraging. ^^

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