A Few Valentines-Worthy Loves

I have to stop doing this.

Not posting anything for days, and then having multiple things to say within days of one another.  It’s so inconsistent!  But it is Valentine’s Day, and despite being a career single-person, I love this holiday.

We have holidays to value lots of things–people who made great contributions or effects on our lives, holidays where we try to feel good, holidays where we remember the people we love.  What does that better than Valentine’s Day?  Sure it’s a little commercial, but so is Christmas, and I love that too!  I don’t love it because I feel obligated to do anything or buy expensive gifts, I love it because of the feeling I get and the people I’m with. 🙂  And yes, I don’t have anyone now, but I look forward to a day when I can celebrate it with someone else.

Love is an amazing thing, and it deserves recognition like anything else. ^^

So!  What better way to do a Valentine’s post on my blog than to list some of my favorite fictional couples?  While I will try to stick with books, I DO watch a lot of TV, so… that might bleed in. xD   HEY.  Love knows no boundaries, right?

Now as I said, these are MY favorite couples, the ones that stick out for me or were quite striking and memorable.  This in no way means that you feel the same way, or that you even LIKE the couplings I’m going to post!  So try to be pleasant, mm?  It’s just for fun!  (Also, I will probably include not-necessarily-sexual couples, but people whose love I thought was super important anyway–just in a friend way!)

Celeste’s Favorite Fictional Couples

(In no particular order, except I remembered them this way.)

  1. Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy  from Pride and Prejudice – Does this require any explanation?  They’re literature’s classic couple.  I can never tell what exactly it is about their fraught-with-misunderstanding relationship gets me so invested, but when they’re together sparks fly.
  2. Jane Eyre & Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre – I guess we’re starting with the oldies, huh?  Here’s another where, if asked to pinpoint WHY it works so well, I would personally fumble around, but there’s no denying the feeling I get when she returns to him at the end.
  3. Katniss & Peeta from The Hunger Games – It is interesting to look back at now, but when the first book started and Katniss is with Gale, even though he was the obvious one to pick as the Main Love Interest, I wasn’t so sure.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I knew it was never going to be Gale–it was always Peeta, the boy with the bread.
  4. Westley & Buttercup from The Princess Bride – You know, I debated putting this here, but in the end I bent to my own peer pressure.  Not that I don’t consider them a very well-known couple, but sometimes Buttercup just INFURIATES me, and I feel like Westley carries that romance.  But then, sometimes, isn’t that what love is about?  Helping to carry your other half?  (She can make it up to him later.)
  5. Bella & Edward from Twilight – Okay, the warnings earlier were mostly for these guys, ’cause I know Twilight has this odd effect of making people argumentative.  Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but it was a romance that sticks with the reader–for better or worse.  And one that, since they’re vampires, will probably last forever.  Good for them.
  6. Henry & Clare from The Time Traveler’s Wife – Wild card right?  Perhaps unexpected, but my God did I cry at this book.  You have to love someone an awful lot to be with them through all of that mess, even living and knowing what will happen to them.  Just gorgeous.
  7. Aragorn & Arwen from Lord of the Rings – There were SO many beautiful relationships in that series–friendships, brotherhoods, romances…  I just picked this one for traditional representation, but don’t think I missed all of the others!  (SamxFrodo, LegolasxGimli… Etc and so forth.)  But really?  He turned down that blonde chick for her, and she chose an uncertain future over security.  THAT DANG NECKLACE, SO GREAT.
  8. Han Solo & Princess Leia from Star Wars  – Classic.  I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan, but even though she had to do the whole song-and-dance with Luke (awkward in retrospect,) who didn’t see her with Han?  I mean, come on!  You don’t bicker that much with a hot total stranger in a book/movie without getting with them.  It’s, like, a law.
  9. Captain Kirk & Mr Spock from Star Trek – Please.  Whether or not there was any kind of undertones, you don’t find a love like theirs every day.  Even if it’s a friendship, it is one that I will remember forever, and one that shaped so much from the 60s to now.  Definitely list material.
  10. Ron & Hermione from Harry Potter – Like I could forget everyone from Harry Potter?!  Again, these two are just the tip of the iceberg of the amazing relationships that are just sparkling throughout those 7 books.  Even if I wasn’t crazy about HarryxGinny, hey… that’s cool.  I still have RonxHermione.

WOW!  There are so many more, it’s kind of crazy.  I didn’t want to start boring anybody.  Let’s just say I come for the story, and I stay for the story and the couples.  (Like I said in a previous post, I’m an absolute SUCKER for a good love story.)

This is a Valentine’s picture I did with 2 of my friend’s characters, Sonya and Darrien. This would also rank as one of my favorite couples. (Does that count? xD)

What’s that you ask?   What is my favorite couple from one of my OWN stories?  What?  Nobody said anything?  Well I’ll tell you anyway, even though you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about!  (Yet…)  My favorite one of my own couples, although I like them all, would probably have to be Eve and Grayson from a Quartet of books I have planned about vampires.  (Hence why I put off writing it for awhile.  Gotta wait for the air to clear a little.)  Eve is very self-sufficient, socially awkward, has a dark secret, and is crusty to be around in general.  Grayson is self-sufficient, a social butterfly, an open book and the light of a party.  Their romance is a slow one, but I think it’s worth the wait, and creates a very real sort of love in the midst of their fictional world.  (In my opinion.)  The picture above IS NOT THEM. xD

SO!  What about you?  Off the top of your head, who are some of your favorite couples?  (We all have them, don’t lie!)

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day, and if you didn’t catch my vlog, pick it up here!

CELESTE OUT. (Peace sign)


3 thoughts on “A Few Valentines-Worthy Loves

  1. Great couples choices 🙂 I haven’t read most of the oldies ones – shame on me, I know. I’d probably add Alanna and George from the Song of the Lioness series in there. Like you, I have sooo many couples of my own creation, too – they make me smile and giggle and weep. And, like you, waiting for the air to clear before I do my vampire story 🙂 Hope it does soon.

    • Thank you! 🙂 Always a pleasure to hear. xD And hey, old stuff can get a bad rap. Sometimes with good reason (I’m looking at you, Moby Dick!) but sometimes it’s a classic for a reason. I have never read that series, but I might have to check it out! =D I never turn down something to add to the ‘Read’ list. Aren’t those the best kind of couples? As a reader, I like getting all sorts of feels–and some of the strongest I usually get are because of romances.
      Ha ha! I feel like we’re all waiting to do a vampire book, because vampires are cool, just a little over-saturated at the moment. Maybe all of us need to get together and come up with a gradual release schedule…? x)

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