My First Vlog Post!

Let me just say, this took a lot longer than I had originally anticipated. :I  I am starving!  I haven’t eaten anything all day!  So as soon as I throw this thing up I’m going to go get lunch.  I have my next Writer’s Club meeting tonight, and I still have to look over Chapters 2 and 3 to read them tonight.  Fingers crossed that they are well-received!

So, without further ado, here you go–my labor-of-love, kind of, vlog!  (Be nice to me, I don’t use my movie maker a lot.  This is all BRAND NEW.)

Have a great few days until we meet again!


(PS: I’m sitting on my couch so that you can’t see how messy my apartment is. x)  Also, ADVENTURE TIME POSTER FTW. :))

(PPS: Since I posted this, I received a view on my blog from BULGARIA as well!  Such interesting and foreign places my blog is making its way to!  Thanks so much Bulgaria!  Hope you liked!)


4 thoughts on “My First Vlog Post!

  1. 10 seconds in and I’m hooked 😀 I will now type comments as I watch the video. Ready? GO!

    Vistaprint! Love them. Business cards! Ooooh and you mention me! It’s pronounced “Prew”, like “shrew”, except you roll the R if that’s something you’re capable of. I, clearly, am not capable of that, hence I cannot properly pronounce my own name. I am ready to see it! I am! … OOOOOH! Very pretty! I love the font of your name. Can’t really see the tree, but I believe that it’s there, lol. Matching pen! Aw man, now I want one. I should have clicked Yes when they offered it. Very silly of me. 32000 words! Congrats. That’s awesome 😀 Oh my goodness, don’t even think about revisions until the manuscript is finished, or you’ll never get it done!!! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ I like V day too. I like the feeling of love in the air. Ha, I'm not sure I'm the cause of your Canadian viewers, but I'll take any praise I can get 😀 Oh wait, I definitely see the tree now. Good close up. You should absolutely do more vlogs. They're awesome!!! And you have a lovely, bubbly personality. Excellent end theme music. Delightfully bouncy.

    All in all, I give your blog a whoppin' 5 out of 5. Loved it! It could use a blooper reel, though. Work on that for next time. 😀 Michelle OUT! (does cool, sideways peace sign across face like Celeste)

    • I think this is the longest comment I’ve ever gotten, and I’m not going to lie–loving it!! ^^ ❤ Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, I was afraid it was a bit draggy in places. I'm always afraid I'm not saying enough, and then it feels like too much! (Plus I say 'uhm' a lot, y'know, like I'm no good at speaking or something, and I stare at the window like there's a script written there or something to read off of. There isn't.)
      I KNOW! When they had that sale thing again I couldn't resist, yours just looked so nice. 🙂 I couldn't resist the pen, either–that just seemed so legit to me, you know? And when people asked to borrow a pen I could pull it out with a flourish and be like OH MY YES, HERE YOU GO! And giggle at my cleverness. PREW, okay! Gotcha. xD I went to mention you and I was like… you know, I actually have NO IDEA how that last name works. Thank you for setting me straight!
      Yes, I try to avoid thinking about step 2 too much, but it's hard because I feel like my mind is always only half in the present and half in the future, ha ha.
      AW, thank you! ❤ I'm glad you think so. :)) I'm an odd duck, but hey, work it to your advantage right? Right! Plus that music was rad–it was so, like, folksy but interesting? It actually inspired an idea for a scene in a later book that takes place in a rustic village. That was totally the vibe I was getting off of it.
      YES, 5 out of 5! I need a visual of that for my blog– 'Awarded FIVE BLOGGER STARS by author Michelle Proulx (pronounced 'prew')!!!'
      And yes ma'am, blooper reel. x) (Although most of my bloopers are me stumbling over what I'm saying, staring at the camera on my computer, and dancing–oh, wait, I included the dancing bits. xDDD <3) Thanks again! I always enjoy your comments. ^^

      • Fun story with “um”. First vlog I did, I made the mistake of filming it while my mother was in the room. She interrupted me mid-speech to say “Michelle, you’re saying um too much. That’s not how you talk. It’s not natural.” And I was like “Mother! You try getting in front of a camera and talking without a script and not saying um! And don’t interrupt me! Sheesh!”

        The pen is very legit. I was thinking of getting one, but then I was like … I already have pens, and I don’t have a lot of money, so as awesome as it would be … nah. But I do love the idea of being able to hand someone a pen with your name on it.

        Music was definitely rad. And you’re the artist! Make yourself a FIVE VLOGGER STARS badge! 😀

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