Writer’s Club + 600 Views + Bad Week

Edit: I would like to point out that later in the night, after I posted this blog, I did finally write again, and got to 30k.  🙂  WHOO.

Howdy gang!  I think this is the first post I’ve done in awhile that really had no set subject, or at least no useful one, but I was afraid that waiting for blogging inspiration might mean going days without a post, and everyone knows blogging only gets harder the longer you don’t do it.  It’s proportional.  Kind of like writing!

So, let’s see what happened this week.  It wasn’t a particularly good week by anyone’s standards.  My sleep schedule got all turned around again, which resulted in several missed classes, and then just being kind of bummed and skipping more classes.  I was a bad student this week.  (Slaps herself on the wrist)  Bad me!  I’ve fixed the sleep thing, for now, and I’m trying to get my motivation pumped again.  JUST THIS LAST SEMESTER TO GO!  I actually got an e-mail about Graduation today, so that was kind of surreal.  Keep your eye on the prize, right?  RIGHT.

This cat was more for me than you.

On the better side, my website/blog passed 600 views!  That is so exciting! I mean, views isn’t indicative of a whole lot–it doesn’t mean 600 individual people viewed my site or anything.  But I do have almost 40 watchers (just one short…!) and at least a couple people who comment regularly, and for them I am always thankful. 🙂  Sometimes it is hard to keep up with this kind of thing regularly when you don’t think anyone out there is caring, but hey.  This is also me building myself a platform for my much more famous alter-ego in the future, when no doubt adoring fans will scour for any little crumb I have dropped on the internet.  Then I’ll get a zillion comments on everything I wrote years in the past, aka now, and we can all have a good laugh about it. =D  SO YAY 600, and hopefully many more to come!

Lastly, if you’ll recall my last post, I mentioned that I was going to the Writer’s Club in the hopes that they wouldn’t thrown rotten vegetables at me after hearing my story.  Well, wish granted!  I was very nervous, like I often am when I’m about to read something out-loud that I am working hard on, but people seemed to like it.  There were 3 guys and 1 girl, and unfortunately she got there right before I was done, so I was getting feedback from 3 dudes, which was interesting.  I mean, I’m writing about a girl protagonist, a fantasy world, and some very girl stuff at the beginning, so I was kind of intimidated by their man-opinions.  Still!  I read the prologue and first chapter, and although they thought some of the language at the beginning might be a little heavy-handed for a YA audience (God forbid I make anyone pick up a dictionary) they liked it. 🙂  They want to hear more.  And that’s the point, right?  LEAVE’EM WANTING MORE!  So I’ll need to pull chapters 2 and 3 out of storage to read next Wednesday.  (Which should be fun since that’s when I started letting the tense have its way with me.  Yippee.)

In case you didn’t guess, I didn’t get much (see: any) writing done this week.  😦  Boo.  But if I can get some homework accomplished this weekend, I hope to go back and hit the 30k word mark sometime next week, which would be nice.  If I’m going to be reading chapters at the Writer’s Club, I need to start writing more so that I don’t get behind!

Also, random, but I discovered this vlog series on Youtube called “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” where Pride and Prejudice has been re-imagined and told through Lizzie’s vlog series.  It’s surprisingly addictive!  Check it out if you like P&P, like vlog series, like web series, or just want something to do online that isn’t your homework or writing!




4 thoughts on “Writer’s Club + 600 Views + Bad Week

  1. THREE GUYS came to Writers’ Club??? Three AT A TIME?? That’s incredible. I’m glad they gave you some good advice, and I’m glad my old club is still going strong. 🙂

    • Ha ha, yeah! There were three dudes, me, and then the other girl that came later, for a grandiose total of FIVE PEOPLE! Since the normal number has been 2-3 of late, I guess that was pretty record-breaking. So, not sure about strong, but still going? xD; But yeah, I’m going to start trying to make it regularly again. 🙂

  2. The nice thing about writers is they’re usually pretty helpful, regardless of gender 😀 Glad the writer’s club went well! And lol at your use of advanced vocabulary. I had to trim down a lot of the language in Imminent Danger after I gave it to a friend of mine (my age), and she circle about fifty words she didn’t understand. She’s a huge YA fan, so I figured that if she didn’t know the words, what are the chances a 14 year old will? It pained me to simplify the language, but I guess you have to write to your audience, right?

    • Exactly. x) I’m used to kind of writing a bit more flowery, you know, from all of the literary fiction classes I’ve taken in college. But yes, that was pretty much exactly what I said–I was going to have to find someone younger and have them circle words. I’m sure it will be just as hard for me. xD But then, I mean, yeah. That’s the YA market. I’m thinking that Mercenary will be more Adult, so I can just save the fun words for that. x)

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