25k Word Goal + Scuba Diving!

Two really exciting things in one day!

I love when that happens, don’t you?  Anyway!  I guess I’ll talk about the writing part first, just so that anyone who isn’t interested in my personal life can skip the second bit.  xD  (Although, hey, my personal life is AWESOME thanks.)

This is obviously me. Can’t you see the resemblance?

No, I didn’t finish the draft of my book.  (Although I’m clawing my way ever-closer.)  What I did do, however, was meet my original goal of 25,000 words, and by doing so I have officially written more of one story than I have ever written before!  God, I’m so proud of myself I could burst.  (Hey–small goals, right?)  Sure this is no Nanowrimo-sized achievement–it is half of 50k, and I didn’t do it in a month.  But it is a tangible thing to remind me that I’m getting there.  Watching that progress bar at the bottom of the page fill up was so thrilling, and when I broke through on the other side early this morning with 25,050, I was just too thrilled for words.

So, in honor of meeting that goal, I have extended the bar to 50,000 words and begun filling it up anew.  This is, like, the downhill battle, though–more like, however many words it takes to finish is what it will be.  It doesn’t HAVE to be 50k.  (Although I bet you anything it will be more.)  The fact that I’ve written more of this project than any other convinces me that I must be doing something right, or that this one is the one that’s meant to be.

(I also might have bought some business cards from Vistaprint.com when they were having a sale…  And a pen.  With my name.  That says I am an author.  I cannot wait to get it.  I also cannot wait to prove that pen right.)

So last night I’m laying there,

thinking about everything I had to do today, thinking about my book… And self-doubt began to creep back in.  I thought, “You’ve written 25,000 words, but so what?  Nothing actually HAPPENED in those 25k words.  They’re terrible.  The story isn’t NEARLY as great as you thought it was.  Everyone is going to be bored to tears reading this book.  Your beta readers will laugh you off of the internet.  No amount of editing is going to fix this not-so-hot mess.  You should get a day job and stop all of these silly delusions of grandeur and authorhood.”

But for the first time, I didn’t let those thoughts get their way.  I  told them to shut the heck up and let me be proud of my achievement.  I thought, yeah, okay, maybe not as much happened plot-wise as I wanted to happen yet… But it will get better.  I have some great ideas for the second half.  My beta-readers will help me with the first part, and if I have to get an editor that’s what I’ll do.  It isn’t terrible, it’s just in the beginning stages.  AND THAT’S OKAY.

And you know what?  I’m back to my optimism.  It worked!  I didn’t throw in the towel and scrap the whole thing.  I put on my battle armor, because I’m hacking this thing out to the end, baby.


I went scuba diving today!!

I’m taking it as a health promotional class at school, because hey, scuba diving.  I thought yeah, that sounds fun, right?  Anyway, today was our first foray into the pool.  And. It. Was. So. COOL!

This is how I felt.

This is probably what I looked like to my diving instructor. (Minus the… tapir thing?)

We started off in the very shallow end practicing basic skills like mouth-piece retrieval and getting water out of your mask.  I think I was just kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing then, because like… My brain kept shouting GET OUT YOU FOOL!  YOU CAN’T BREATH UNDERWATER!  STOP THIS NONSENSE RIGHT NOW!, and the rest of me was trying to actually STAY underwater (I’m very buoyant apparently?  I needed 2 extra weights, ha ha…,) and then some other part was trying to do the stuff the instructor was telling me to do, and the resulting sputtering and choking and chlorine-water drinking did NOT bode well for my short-lived scuba career.

HOWEVER, once we actually moved over to the deep end, with the flippers and the whole shebang, and I was actually several feet under, for some reason all of these problems disappeared.  I’m going to say it’s because I had finally mastered the whole breathing underwater thing, but honestly it doesn’t make sense to me, either.

And really, it was unbelievably amazing.  For anyone who has never dived before, I HIGHLY recommend trying it some day.  It’s just such a different sensation than anything you’re used to.  You’re weightless, floating around, looking around and up at the light through the water… That was just a pool, mind you.  I can’t even wait to find out how exciting a dive in like, an ocean or something is!  Totally worth my initial anxiety, every minute.  :))  (It was even worth the random swim test that I had to do, without any prior warning, and totally sucked at.  Passed, but did not do it in any definition of elegance.  I was back-floating for half, dog-paddling the rest… Haven’t actually really done any swimming since YMCA when I was like, 4.)

Here’s to goals met, new goals, and new adventures!

Celeste the AWESOME.


4 thoughts on “25k Word Goal + Scuba Diving!

  1. Congrats on your first scuba-diving experience!! (Oh, and the book thing too!) Huh, I think we just started in the dive tank in my class, I don’t remember any messing around in the shallow end. It totally makes sense to me why you would have found the deep end easier; diving isn’t *meant* for places you can just stand up and breathe. I was so mad about the random swim test too, just because if I’d known I could have brought my goggles and not been terrified about losing my contacts the entire time! Glad you’re having fun with the class; are you getting certified? For me, the cold Lake Superior check dives were pretty much terrifying, but it was a big rush to complete them and SO WORTH IT when I got to go diving in the ocean. I want to go diving again; it’s been so long!

    • Thanks!! 8D ❤ Yeah, that makes a lot more sense to me now that I've been through the whole thing. At first I was like, oh good, shallow end–that way if I mess up or freak out or something there isn't a ton of water between me and the surface. But honestly it was more of a hassle in the shallow water, and it made me too likely to freak out, you know? Because I COULD. Anyway, I don't know about the certification yet. @_@ The idea of trying to do anything in that freezing cold lake is pretty awful, but I DO want my certification, just in case I ever go somewhere warm and want to dive. xD I guess we'll see! 🙂 And I hope that you can go again soon, because I know I already love it. (Plus thanks for the book congrats; pretty excited about that too. x))

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! 25k is an epic achievement 🙂 And just think of all the words you still get to write! (That was supposed to sound like a good thing, lol). And congrats also on the scuba diving!

    • Ha ha ha! Don’t worry, I’ve hit a pretty sweet spot in my story, so the idea of all the words I still get to write is a good thing. x) And yes! I mean, not only is it 25k words, but the fact that it’s the farthest I’ve ever gotten on one story… That was really the thing that threw me. AND THANKS! You should try it sometime! x) You seem like an adventurous sort.

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