As you can see, I’m having trouble coming up with anything new to post myself, so I’ve been doing a lot of re-blogging lately. Either way, this is a REALLY IMPORTANT POST that I wanted everyone to know about anyway, because my blogger buddy Michelle’s book is finally for sale! YAY!

Michelle Proulx - Author

Today is probably the best day of my life, because I can officially announce that my debut novel, Imminent Danger And How to Fly Straight into It, is now for sale everywhere books are sold!

Imminent Danger_blog_soft cover


Right, calming down now. I suppose links might be helpful at this point, so let’s see what I can dig up …

Click here to buy a softcover from

Click here to buy a softcover from

Click here to buy an ebook from Kindle (US).

Click here to buy an ebook from Kindle (CA).

Click here to visit my website and see the complete list of online retailer options.

I’m trying to think of witty things to say here, but I’m just too gosh-darned psyched that I can finally call myself a published author. Many thanks in advance to the people who decide to give my…

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  1. Hi Celeste,

    I was really impressed by your fan art. I was wondering if I could post it on an Imminent Danger fan website I’m building. I need pictures of the characters (Eris, Varrin, Miguri, etc.) and yours are the only ones I can find. Aside from yours, the only ones I have are the silhouettes of Varrin and Eris on the front cover – and I love the designs you used! You’d receive full credit as the creator of the pictures, of course. Could I use the pictures?

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