Onward into 2013!

Well, we’re pretty close to half-way through January already, but since I just got back to school, I thought I’d sit down and do my New Year post before I was embroiled into schoolwork again!

Summary of 2012: Not too shabby.  It had kind of a crappy beginning, I won’t lie–probably the worst time I’ve ever had.  I was living with someone (and their boyfriend) who was completely wrong for me, and a lot of things about that meant that I lived with a constant stomachache and stress for several months.  In between there, however, was a pretty radical trip to New Orleans, as well as turning 21 (yay!).  The end of the year was the biggest relief I have ever experienced, but from there it got SO much better.  I went to Ireland, where I proceeded to have an amazing time, and started this website/blog!  Last semester might have been hard at points, but for the most part I did a lot of interesting things, hung out with some great people, and my New Year’s Eve experiences were some that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Which leads us into…


Woohoo!  I have a feeling that this year is going to be amazingly rad, and I sincerely hope that I’m right.  A lot will be happening to me this year–graduating from college hardly being the least of these things–and I just think that 2013 is really the beginning of the rest of my life.  🙂  I have great hopes for it, including the (hopefuly) self-publication of my very first book!  (See: Life of Gaia if you aren’t in the loop.)


Let’s see, what am I trying to resolve myself to doing this year?  I’m pretty typical about these–I make them, sort of half-heartedly, and then don’t follow through, like most people I know.  But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make any at all, because hey!  You never know!  I’m going to try to lose some weight, via being healthier.  I have for a long time thought that being healthy was better than being skinny, but I’m often not the first and definitely not the second, so.  Healthier it is, and hopefully the ‘thinner’ thing will follow suit!

Get Life of Gaia published.  One way or another, I will finish writing it, get it edited to perfection (or close enough,) and PUBLISH the darn thing!  The sooner the better would be great, but I’ll settle for “Before the end of 2013”.  Realistic goals are better, right?  And this is the goal I would most like to achieve of everything else.

Figure out my life plan.  Yes, there, I’ve said it.  I have no real idea what I’m doing after I graduate–the future is a giant, looming black hole, that alternately excites me and terrifies me beyond belief.  I’ve been half-joking all break that I’ve decided to run away to Disney World and get a job there after graduation learning to fold towels into animal shapes.  HALF.  This summer will hopefully be spent working and thinking about my game-plan for what comes next.

What’s New?

Although I will continue to document my battles with writer’s block, editing, and the newer hurdles of self-publishing, I also thought I would expand my blog a bit.  For Christmas I was given a really sweet cookbook– the Hungry Girl Guilt-Free Cookbook!  I’ve already made some cookies from it that turned out pretty good.  Anyway, my intentions are to maybe do a post or two about things that I try from the cookbook.  Would anyone mind that?  Like it?  Dislike it?  Have no opinion whatsoever?  I realize this is a writer’s website, but the blog kind of acts as a personal blog as well, which is why I thought I’d add this.  I thought it would be a fun thing to jazz up the site, but what do you think?  Would food-themed posts just be distracting to those of you following my journey to become a pokemon writing master?  The writing/random posts will still be happening!

On a closer-to-home note (and feel free to skip),

my break went swimmingly, thank you. =)  I love being home, for a lot of reasons–I actually like my family, friends, house, pets, bed…  All of the above, really.  (ESPECIALLY my bed.  When you’ve grown up lounging on your own queen-sized bed, trying to cram your Amazonian build onto a school-provided twin is just torture.)  But it is my last semester, so I’ve resolved to try my best and end on a good note!

This semester I’m taking Jewelry & Metalsmithing, Yoga, Scuba Diving, Playwriting, and a Computer course.  (My mom insisted on the last one, so I’m humoring her.)  A pretty decent round-up for my last hurrah, and only 14 credits, so I’m not straining my already-infected-by-senioritis brain.  I’m still Editor-in-Chief of The Lightkeeper, so I’ll be spending time on that as well as a few related things.  (Like trying to go to a conference in Boston related to it.)

And SPEAKING of conventions!  I’m a member of the English Honor Fraternity Sigma Tau Delta, and every year they hold a conference.  NMU is ridiculously awesome about funding to get us there, and this year it is in Portland, Oregon.  My piece was accepted, so barring any unforeseen complications, I will be in Portland March 20-23.  🙂  It was a non-fiction thing that I wrote about my relationship with my sister, and I was actually quite pleased with it.

On a last note, my friend Amanda discovered this really awesome website called fabletop.com, and it is basically an online site where you can do table-top group roleplaying.  I was quite excited, since I’d just mentioned to her that I missed doing tabletop, and voila!  (Stumbleupon is so useful.)  I’d recommend checking it out to anyone who likes roleplaying with people they are a long distance from.  (That was our problem, going to school in different states and all.)  Quite fun, as long as you have a good imagination!  (And I would assume that anyone reading this blog has one of those!)

Also, here’s a recent picture of me. 🙂  Look, a real person and everything!

A picture of me at a friends house before her Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I’m the one on the far left, doing a weird thing with my glasses. xD

(End personal stuff.)

So, in summary, we have some exciting things coming along in this new year, both for myself and (hopefully) for the site!  I would love it if all of you continued along on this crazy adventure with me, as I see if I can finish this story I have begun and get it through its teenage stages of editing and self-publication.

My best to all of you, and hope to see you again soon,



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