Post-Christmas Haze

I’m actually writing two posts at once–this one, which I will publish when I’m done, and another, which I will set to post later, detailing the project I’m working on that I feel I’ve gotten far enough into to talk about at last.  I was going to do that one first, because I’m pretty excited about it, but I thought I should do the after-Christmas round-up first, because that makes much more sense chronologically, right?  And since I’m thoroughly against two posts in one day, I imagine I will set the next to post tomorrow or the next day.

Wow, that was a lot of talk about nothing particularly important, but I feel pretty darn chill at the moment. 🙂

So Merry Post-Christmas!

I’m hanging out in my PJs in bed, eating a bowl of chili and alternating between work on college-related junk and World of Warcraft.  (Betcha can’t guess which I’m having more fun with!)  I went after-Christmas shopping yesterday, more as a social activity than to obtain any major deals, but I did buy a couple of things for super-cheap.  Bath and BodyWorks always has their crazy sales, so I bought one of those wall scent-diffuser dealios for my bedroom, which now smells almost overwhelmingly of tea and lemon.  (Best smell ever!)  I also got an Adventure Time T-Shirt and an eyelash curler.  (Left mine at school.  Damn these uncurled lashes!)

Christmas was a little different this year–our normal traditions got a liiiiittle interrupted thanks to my sister’s work schedule.  I gave her some crap, but really, whether we were opening presents on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve evening, it was still a great and awesome time. 🙂  I always love to see people open what I’ve gotten them–and, yes, open some things myself.  But it is also just nice to have everyone around, especially when Christmas break can be a hectic whirlwind of everyone being anywhere else but home.  (I went like four days without seeing my sister in one go, so having her in one place with the rest of us was kind of nice.)

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, before we went to my grandmother’s for the Family Dinner Extravaganza, my Dad beat me twice at my own Star Trek Monopoly.  It shouldn’t have been possible–I LITERALLY owned practically everything on the board–but, without fail, I was beaten.  It probably should have been a humbling experience, since I’ve heard I can get kind of competitive (and be a sore winner,) but all it made me want to do was beat him more.  (I think I get the ultra-competitive thing from him, though, so don’t blame me!)

We’ve been having a pretty nutty snowstorm the past couple of days, which I’m totally A-OK with, since I don’t think there’s been real snow on the ground for Christmas in… Oh, a lot of years.  Usually we get some right before, but then it rains and turns it all to nasty melted mush.  So sue me, I like my Christmases to be postcard-perfect.  Is that so much to ask?

I don’t know what the aim of this post was, really.  I’ve been pretty productive with writing, which you’ll notice if you glance at the progress-bar at the bottom of the page, but I’ll talk about that later.  I guess just to say that I had a great holiday, and I hope that you did, too?  Yeah, I guess that sounds about right.  I’ve gotten to see so many of my friends, all of my family, spent time sleeping (so, so much time…) and had time to just read and chill out.  My mom bought me a book called 7 Money Rules for Life, and I’ve been reading that the past day or so.  I think it was a hint that I should probably start learning how to money-manage.  Probably a good one.  (If I ever make any money to manage!)

Well, I can’t expect anyone to try to slog through reading any more than this, because in all honesty this post is completely about me, and I’m not sure how many people are interested in that. x)  It contains absolutely no useful hints or tips or anything about writing at all, except for some of that stuff that happens around writing, which is life.  My deadline came and went, and I didn’t have the finished draft of my book that I was hoping for.  Still, I’ve come up with some new goals, and I’m ready to take on the new year with revised hopes and dreams. 🙂

I hope you have a great New Years as well!

(I wanted to include a Christmas picture of myself, but realized that they’re all sitting around on people’s cameras and not on the computer yet…  Darn!  Maybe next time. x))




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