A Very Merry Friday

Merry Christmas, everyone!  (Or whatever you happen to celebrate this time of year. :))  Sorry for the absence, but as you can imagine, and probably relate to, December is a little crazy.  I had finals, my birthday, dealing with air travel, last-minute Christmas shopping, and the general laziness and sleep that comes from not having to worry about anything more pressing than sending out Christmas cards for the first time in months.

So sue me, I took full advantage!

But now that I’m all settled, caught up on sleep and re-hydrated, I thought I would just do a post.  And it happened to be on the 21st, although from what I can tell nothing especially amazing is happening, which is just well enough for me.  I have a lot of future plans, and they didn’t involve a giant meteor, or floods, or whatever it was that was supposed to happen.  So, yay Friday!

I can’t say that I’ve done anything particularly useful lately, or anything that anyone else might be interested in, but hey, I don’t want anyone saying I never update the blog, so you get to listen to me talk about random junk.  Like the fact that I turned 22 on my birthday!  It wasn’t an impressive birthday or anything, as they go–I mean, just more of the same from 21–but hey, that’s one more year of being alive and kicking, right?  That’s worth celebrating!  I made my friend take me to go look around our local Pier 1, because that was honestly the most interesting thing I could think of, then we went and got fishbowl alcoholic beverages at Hudsons.  (They’re delicious, if you’ve never had one.  I totally recommend them.)  I know, I know.  I really live life on the edge.

My flight home was pretty… intense.  I was sitting next to a girl I’d never met before, but she went to the same school as me, so we were talking a little bit.  At first she seemed okay, but got progressively worse, and actually ended up throwing up on the plane.  I was having a minor panic attack, trying not to watch and to scoot as far from her as possible, because puke and I don’t go well together at all.  Luckily we were almost due to land, because I was having a tough time there for a few.  (I felt bad for her, though–I mean, who likes throwing up in public?)

Being home has been pretty much the usual.  We’re all so busy and our schedules clash so much that it’s hard to get anything done for Christmas until, like, the day before.  We drove around for hours looking for a tree on Tuesday, but ended up having to go back to the first place we tried.  It was my sister’s year to pick one (we switch on and off every year,) and predictably she picked like, the shortest tree on the lot.  Rivaling Charlie  Brown.  I always go for tall, stately, oozing Christmas-card charm.  It’s funny, because on years one of us picks the tree, the other gets to put the angel on the top.  I’m much taller than my sister.  The result is that she picks out trees that I don’t even have to strain to get the angel on, and I pick out trees that require a ladder for her.  We’re an odd bunch.  Anyway, it has lights on but no decorations thus far, although I will have to do some of that today because I’m leaving for a friend’s place later and won’t be home a couple of days.

Christmas and all of that splendor aside, (I really love Christmas, by the way–my favorite holiday by far,) I’ve been to at least one party so far, seen some of my friends, and finally gotten time to sit down an read.  That’s probably my favorite part of break–all of the books that have been building up on my ‘to read’ list finally get a chance to be devoured.  I’ve read three already since I got here, and I still have at least a couple more that I want to get to before I have to go back.

My read list consists of:

  1. The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts: The final book in her Inn Boonsboro trilogy.  It was cute, contained an unexpected sort of twist, and of course a nice little love story.  Nora Roberts books are sort of my pleasure-read–I don’t have to strain my brain reading them or anything, but they always make me feel good.  And I have to say, I really want to go stay at Inn Boonsboro, which is a real place that Roberts owns.  All of the rooms are named/designed after literary couples, like Westley and Buttercup from Princess Bride and Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.
  2. Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich: The second book of her newest series starring Lizzy Tucker and Diesel, which is a complete right-angle from her Stephanie Plum novels, and yet totally fits.  I love to read Evanovich when I need a laugh, because although the love-lives of her characters might frustrate me, they’re always completely hilarious.  The main characters are searching for the SALIGIA stones, stones that have taken the powers of the seven deadly sins and are causing havoc…  😉
  3. And Grave Memory by Kalayna Price: A series that I discovered and fell in love with by picking up a random book from Borders when it was going out of business.  (Thank you, Borders, you were looking out for me even then.)  The whole ‘random book’ thing doesn’t ALWAYS work out, (see: Red Kiss by Deirdre Knight,) but this time it was a ringer.  Starts with Grave Witch, and envisions a very interesting fantasy/supernatural urban world that has two hot guys, faeries, ghosts, and a whole lot of murder.  Yay!

Well!  I think that gets us all caught up again.  As you can see, I’m spending a lot of time being a productive member of society (not really,) getting things done (definitely not,) and doing things besides sleeping, eating and shopping (not a chance.)

And here I am, reading all of these awesome posts from other people I watch about how they’re publishing their books and whatnot!  (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Michelle.)  I guess I’ll include a writing update… Although I mean, you can see the word count at the bottom of the pages of my site, so it shouldn’t be any real surprise to anyone.  Either way, I did do a little bit of writing, and might actually do a little bit later today, but no major progress.  Not because of lack of motivation, however–I’m still as interested in Life of Gaia as I was before, so that’s something.  Maybe the next post I do will talk about that a little bit, because I kind of want to get people interested in it… Which will make more sense later.  Mm.  (Cliff-hanger!)

SO!  I don’t know if I will get around to posting again before the 25th, but if I don’t, I just want everyone to know that things are rolling along in my part of the world, and that I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL holiday season. 🙂  Spread the love, spread some cheer, and try not to dwell to long or too hard on the bad things.  Open a door for a stranger, leave a nice comment on a blog, read a random story, buy someone a cup of coffee.  Look at the snow (if you have it) and the lights, take in the atmosphere, smell the spices and the cedar, watch a holiday movie, have a cup of eggnog, hug the people you love.

And thank you all, every one of you, so much, for being with me this Christmas on my journey to become a real boy.  (I mean author.)  It means so much to me, and you’re the reasons I keep coming back to it, even when it knocks me down, even when blogging seems annoying, or I have no interesting thoughts.  You’re the ones I’m writing for–well, you and me.  We’re what I’m writing for. 🙂


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