Progress By Any Other Name

This is a tree, not a rose. Sorry I’m mixing my plants here.

Would it smell just as sweet?

So, okay, here’s my quandary.

Everyone knows the age-old question–if a tree falls in the woods with no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

My question is, does it count as progress if what you’re working on is something that didn’t really need progressing?

Well I hope so, because I’ve been writing up a storm the past two days, but not for my original project.  (Boo.)  But I’ve decided to take this burst of inspiration as it comes, because let’s face it–who knows when my muse will show up again, that hussy.  And at this point, I’m willing to take pretty much anything over sitting and staring at a blank page for ages, or writing stuff that feels like filler space I’ll be taking back out again as soon as the editing time comes.

So what is this new project you might ask?  Well, I’m still not comfortable saying too much about it, in case it doesn’t work out–although since that’s the story with all of my projects, you’d think I’d be used to it by now–but I have posted a page for it under the ‘Current Projects‘ page, so… Maybe it’s legit now?  I mean, some writers work on more than one thing at a time, right?  Right?

In addition, you might have noticed that I’ve done a little moving around on the front page.  I added some progress counters, which I always like, because it feels like I’m really getting somewhere physically.  (Which makes no sense at all, but humor me, will you?  I’ve been drinking wine since I’m all out of anything non-alcoholic and I’m parched.  YAY ADULT.)  There’s one for Mercenary and one for my new project, tentatively titled The Life of Gaia.  Maybe I’ll do another post with more about that in the future.

Speaking of,

why the heck have I been so prolific lately?  Well, probably because the semester is winding down, my classes are requiring both more and less work at the same time, and I have almost completely checked out of college mentally for the year.  In all honesty, I just want to be home singing Christmas music and cuddling my cats, but I still have another 9 days here, so I’m distracting myself any way I know how.  (Which probably helps account for the onslaught of writing as well.)  Will it last?  Who knows?  But enjoy me while I’m here, just in case I go back into hibernation.  (Although I promise I’ll try not to!)

So what about you?

Find yourself making more progress on other things while you’re avoiding the thing you’re trying your hardest to work on?  Do you just go with the flow, or try to kick the wandering-eye habit?


(Just to clarify, whenever this happens to actually post, I wrote it at like 12AM, a perfectly acceptable time to be slightly tipsy because I’m too lazy to make myself a pitcher of Crystal Light iced tea.)


2 thoughts on “Progress By Any Other Name

  1. I *think* that sometimes the energy for multiple projects can feed into each other. I’m actually working very hard on my main project (though not fast enough!) but lately I’ve been world-building and working on ideas for a very old project. It’s something I can’t really write until after both Wanderlust and Silverfruit are completed, but right now it’s percolating very close to the surface and I’m refining a lot of the ideas and mechanisms of the story. I’ve only written about a page of notes and the beginning of scenes I didn’t want to forget, but mostly it’s something to think about while painting or sleeping and I have great hope that when I have time to actually write it in a few years I’ll have figured out a lot of the story points and and be ready to just write. Now that Wanderlust has most of its tricky bits figured out, thinking about another project is giving that part of my brain something to do.

    Happy to hear you’ve been writing, no matter what you’e working on!

    • Ah ha ha, right? At first I was like, no, write your other thing, damn it! But then I realized that I didn’t respond well to that kind of bullying from myself, and that I would get more done if I just went with what I was feeling, which was obviously this other project… And at this point, I mean, I’ll take pretty much whatever I can get from myself, ha ha ha! (No discipline.) I liked Silverfruit, so I can’t wait for that one, ha ha. 🙂

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