Well, Gee, Thank You!


I got an award-y thing!

A good chum of mine nominated me for this here ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’, and I was just so pleased, I won’t lie.  It’s kind of like a chain-mail thing, but hey–I’m willing to take what praise I get, you know?  If ANYONE even for a SECOND finds me entertaining or inspiring, who am I to argue?  I think that’s what I was going for, ha ha!

Now I don’t have a whole heck of a lot of people I follow just yet, but since part of this is nominating other people, I’ll see who I can come up with.  Obviously if I nominate you, I don’t want you to feel obligated or anything!  It just means that I think you’re pretty cool, and I hope someone checks out your blog.

(And anyone who comes here frequently will probably know some of you already!)

My inspiring bloggers are:

  1. Grace Makley and her website!  Grace and I know each other from college years, and she’s a really cool chick, take it from me. 🙂  She’s getting close to getting out her first self-published novel, Wanderlust, and is involved in harp shenanigans, so that’s cool!  xD  (THANKS FOR NOMINATING ME, GRACE.  Obviously don’t make another blog, or this will be an endless loop.)
  2. Michelle Proulx and her website!  I’m pretty sure Michelle was, like, the first comment on my website or something, and with it I found a fun new blogging friend.  (Even if she is ALSO much further along her adventure of becoming a published author than I am…)  Michelle’s book, Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It, will hopefully be available in the new year!  Woo!
  3. Carly Watters and her blog!  I think it’s a really nice thing, maintaining a blog with tips and tricks to help aspiring writers know what they’re going to be facing as they start trying to get their manuscripts published.  Carly has given me some great advice already, and I think it’s a blog any writer should read, so you don’t make any silly faux pas! (??)
  4. Ayesha Schroeder and her website!  I won’t tell her that I nominated her, since she just posted a blog after GRACE nominated her, but yeah, she’s pretty cool.  🙂  Another writer, who already has stuff published AND works in the business.  One of my favorite things from her blog are her Agent Tweets, which are both funny AND informative!
  5. A Rich Full Life in Spite of It by Rachelle.  It’s the only blog I follow that isn’t about writing or noveling or anything like that, and it provides a really awesome and pleasant balance to everyone else.  Her stories are really great anecdotes and tales from real life, but she always manages to find something deeper to comment on.  Definitely worth looking into if you just want a little something different, but no less inspiring!

Well there, I got five.  That’s not too terrible, right?  Either way, thanks so much!

As a sort of additional tack-on note,

My blog has been busting all kinds of little WordPress milestones lately!  With the publishing of my post Confessions of a Story Slut, I must have struck a chord (you guys are all so dirty!) because basically all of my previous records were pretty much smashed.  I got, like, 8 followers in one day, a zillion pageviews (okay, maybe a slight over-estimation, but yowza!), and, like… more favorites than I’ve ever had on anything before.  I don’t care if your minds are in the gutter!  Thank you, guys, thank you so much.  I figured that since I don’t even have a book out there yet the progress of this blog was sort of a side-project, that it wasn’t all that important to me just yet.  But when I looked at those numbers, and the subsequent like 5 people who have followed me since, it made me feel really warm and fuzzy.  I’m glad that you’ve all chosen to follow me along on this twisty, turn-y, messed up adventure I’m taking to writing a novel.  It isn’t the journey, but the friends you make along the way, right?



2 thoughts on “Well, Gee, Thank You!

  1. Thank you for this Celeste! Looking forward to reading more from you and I appreciate the nod, as well as the links to other, more writerly websites that you enjoy

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