Character Meme, Part 2!

SORRY, sorry, but I don’t have anything important to say, and I’m tired from end-of-semester stuff, plus I wanted to start off December with a blog post, so I just decided to do a fun thing like this. x)  Maybe after this I’ll post something worthwhile.

In the meantime, again, a Meme with characters from my story!  My excuse is I’m trying to get obsessed with it again, lol.  Hope they seem interesting!  (And this time after each question I posted the characters involved, so you don’t have to keep looking up at the list and then down at the answer again to know who I’m talking about.)

Of course I have picked the order randomly.  If you do this with some of your own characters, be sure to let me know!

1. Arandor
2. Eloine
3. Satiir
4. Vaine
5. Never actually appears in questions!  Whoops. xD
6. Carrah
7. Trevan
8. Dianthus
9. Rhys
10. Briette

1. 4 and 7 are on a date. Who is spying on them from the bushes?
[Vaine and Trevan]
Ha ha ha ha ha!  First of all, if anyone actually asked Vaine if the two of them were on a date he would probably punch them for being dumb.  Trevan would be sort of put out as well, but he’s not quite that physical. xD  Anyway, Trevan, in his sort of misguided attempts to be buds with Vaine, has probably followed him along to do something Vaine considers ‘Man’s work’.  Who is spying on them?  The whole group!  Carrah would probably start it, and Rhys would follow her, and then Dianthus would come and be like ‘What are you idiots looking at?’, and then Satiir would want to get in on it, and Arandor would follow her…  Yeah, they’re all so nosy. xD

2. 2 is choking, what does 3 do?
[Eloine and Satiir]
Well first of all, Eloine would never do something so crass and not-classy as choke!  Perish the thought, ha ha.  However, if, somehow, it happened, Satiir would probably…. Panic. xD  She acts like she’s more adult than she is, and she does have the sort of Elven trait of being laid back, but still, it’s someone choking!  She’d probably call Arandor, who would know what to do–and then beat herself up for being useless later.

3. 1 gets an evil clone that is the exact opposite of them. How does the clone treat 10?
[Arandor and Briette]
Well Arandor is a really kind, wise, papa-bear kind of Elf–you know, all chill and mystic and attuned to the earth and stuff.  So an evil clone would be, like…. Mean!  Mean and spiteful and careless, and use his magic for bad things instead of good.  Briette doesn’t come in until later, but I imagine that Evil!Arandor would just be a general butthead all-around…  Although it would be dangerous for him to use his skinchanger ability on her, because she’s a hunter and just might cook him up for dinner!

4. 9 gets sent to prison. Why? And who is their cellmate?
LOL.  Well that would be pretty hard, considering he’s the prince and he pretty much owns the prison. xD  He’s also kind of a stickler for rules, so…  Maybe he snapped.  Maybe all the pressure got to him, of trying to outshine his brother, and he just couldn’t do it anymore.  He needed to do something crazy.  So he decides to go to a tavern.  One thing leads to another, and the next thing he knows he wakes up in a cell with a drunk and disorderly.  His cellmate is some really huge, buff guy that is seriously intimidating, and then turns out to be a huge softy who needs to cry about his problems and get a hug. xDD  (What am I even…?)

5. Michael Jackson steals 4. Who comes to their rescue?
Poor, poor Michael Jackson.  First of all, I question his ability to steal anyone, considering.  Secondly, I don’t think he could take Vaine… well, unless Vaine is victim of one of his little bouts of narcolepsy, in which case I guess someone could get the jump on him.  And the whole group would come to his rescue, because whether he likes it or not, they’re sort of a unit.  (He doesn’t like it.)

6. 6 is floating down the river in a basket. What is their reaction?
Well I have no idea what the situation is with the basket, but Carrah would probably be fine with it.. Assuming that nothing is going on she wants to be a part of!  If, for example, there was a huge battle, and Vaine threw her in a basket and sent her down the river… THEN there would be hell to pay.  If, however, she is just taking a ride or trying to get from one place to another, she’d probably just enjoy it as an adventure. 🙂

7. 3 gets their underpants stuck to a windmill. How do they get down? And what color are their undies?
What the heck, Satiir?  What were you doing to get your underpants stuck to a windmill? xD  Do I even want to know?  Anyway, they’re called ‘underclothes’, and they’re just brown, you know…  Basic animal-hide undies, ha ha.  When she wears them. >o>  WUT.  And she’d probably just rip them and fall. xD;  Better than having anyone see her in such a state!  How mortifying!

8. 10 is at a petting zoo, getting spit on by llamas. What does 8 do to stop the llama? And who’s llama is it?
[Briette and Dianthus]
Huh.  That’s weird. xD  Well, Briette can take care of herself, I’d just like to say.  But if, for some reason, Dianthus felt like stopping the llama, she would probably magic it into a toad or something.  (Okay, she can’t actually do that… or can she?!)  She’d like, teleport them away from it, and then ask Briette how dumb you have to be to stand there and get spit on by llamas.  And the llama is owned by the zoo, I would assume…?

9. 1 challenges 7 to a bet that they can eat a whole pizza first. Who wins?
[Arandor and Trevan]
Okay, pizzas don’t exist in Iliador. xD  I just want to clarify.  BUT, if for some reason Arandor challenged Trevan to eat anything, he would lose.  Trevan can do nothing better than eat.  Carrah hates him because she has no idea where he puts it all, but he never gains any weight.  Trevan would love nothing better than to have someone invent a pizza so he can eat it, though!

10. 6 is running for their life. Who are they running from? And do they get caught?
Ohhhh man. xD  The list is probably endless.  Maybe she stepped into a situation that, as Vaine would probably point out, was none of her business, and now she’s in over her head.  Carrah heard some guy giving a girl a hard time, gave him the what-for, and now she’s running from a gang of thugs. ;(  Vaine, who can’t believe his rotten luck at having to step in, beats all the guys soundly–then has to listen to Carrah complain that she doesn’t need his help.  All in a days work.

11. Is a dumb question, so I’m skipping it. xD

12. Everyone is stuck in Dr. Rabbit’s balloon. How do they escape? For those that don’t escape, what does he do to them?

13. Who is most likely to be under Solid Snake’s box with him?
This questionnaire has taken an odd turn.

14. 8 and 9 were shrunken down and sucked inside 1’s nose. How do they find a way out?

15. 10 and 7 are secretly going out. Where do they go on a date?
[Briette and Trevan]
That WOULD be interesting!  Although I guess Briette is all forceful and intimidating, which Trevan likes.  She would probably ask him out, but make it seem like his idea, so the date would be all like formal-dinner and stuff at first… Then Briette would take him outside the city to look at stars and be all deep and stuff. 🙂  Good times. xD

16. 6 and 8 are getting married. Who ISN’T invited to their wedding?
[Carrah and Dianthus]
Well!  How progressive of them! xD  I’d like to point out that these two would never get along THAT well… Plus they both kind of have crushes on the same guy, so. 😛  BUT.  If they were getting married, maybe for some kind of confusing and mysterious plot, they wouldn’t invite ANYONE.  And definitely not Vaine!  (Or Trevan.)

17. 1 and 2 go on their honeymoon. Where do they go?
[Arandor and Eloine]
At least this is a couple that could even happen in the realm of possibility. xD  Let’s see….  That would be difficult, I think.  Arandor really likes the outdoors, nature, and the earth, while Eloine is a city girl, privileged and used to certain amenities.  Maybe they would compromise by honeymooning on Lake Agea in one of the King’s cottages.  That way they would technically be close to nature, but have access to modern things that Eloine needs to operate!

18. 3 murdered 6 and 10 was a suspect. Will 10 tell the cops? If so, what does 3 do to keep 10 quiet?
[Satiir, Carrah and Briette]
That makes absolutely no sense.
A better scenario–Carrah tells Briette that she has a crush on Vaine, and Satiir overhears, so Briette has to try to convince her to keep it a secret, because Satiir is a mouthy teenager who can’t be trusted.  But Briette is pretty persuasive, actually, and probably has some story about destiny to keep Satiir quiet.

19. 9 and 4 get drunk. What are they drinking, and who drank more. Who drives them home?
[Rhys and Vaine]
Oh this is great!  Actually, there’s probably going to be a scene like this in the book, ha ha. 🙂  It’s just inevitable.  Rhys and Vaine love one another, I mean they’re brothers, but they both have things that they resent about each other that they’ve never gotten off their chests, and these issues will bubble to the surface during the course of the story.  They’re drinking Ogre’s Head Whiskey, they had a contest to see who could drink more (Vaine won, which only helped piss Rhys off more), and…  Carrah probably comes down to see if they’re ok, with interesting results.  No spoilers though!

20. This quiz is over. What do they all do?!


Well it got a little sketchy there in the middle, but yeah. xD  No more of these for awhile, I promise.  I’ll come up with something important for next time, cross my heart. 🙂  See you around!

(Sorry, no fun video this time, but here, have a picture I drew!  It’s completely unrelated to anything at all, ha ha ha.  Maybe it will warm you up at the beginning of chilly December!  Yes, they’re more Star Trek OCs, lololol.)




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