Character Meme!

Let me just say that this is an utter and random waste of time (or AMAZINGLY AWESOME use of time?!) that I just decided to post to let you guys get a glimpse at my characters.  You all like that, right?  Right?
Anyway, feel free to take and use yourself if you’re bored, it was pretty fun. 🙂  (And I chose the order of the names completely at random, so even I didn’t know how this was going to turn out!)  Enjoy!  And I have another one, sort of similar, that I might also post, just because I can, so shoosh.


1. Vaine
2. Rhys
3. Dianthus
4. Arandor
5. Carrah
6. Trevan
7. Satiir
8. Eloine
9. Briette
10. Kree

1. What would you say if 8 became real?
I would be really, really nervous, because Eloine is super grumpy and no-nonsense, and would probably think I’m utterly ridiculous at everything I do.  -__-;  I mean, she’s a huge perfectionist and control freak, not to mention an incredibly powerful mage, so…  Yeah, that would be fun, ha ha.
2. What does 7 do for fun?
Well, before her parents were killed she did normal teenage Elf things.  Hung out with friends, attended school…  You know.  The usual sort of angsty and overly-emotional life of a teen.  Kind of a mischief-maker, but a good girl in general.  Her parents and Arandor would take her on over-night trips in the woods, to kind of commune with nature and all, and she kind of secretly liked those trips.  Not that she could admit it or anything–appearances and all. 😛
3. What’s 4’s life long dream?
Arandor just wants peace and balance in the world.  He’s getting up there in years, and was hoping for at least a semi-easy retirement before all the mess in Mercenary started.  Now that he’s been dragged in, though, he’ll see it through the best he can…  But he would like to see Satiir grown up and happy, living in a world that isn’t fighting itself anymore, having let go of the idea of vengeance that has driven her since her parents’ death.
4. Does 1 have any special talents/powers/abilities?
Well, Vaine is kind of the main character, so I guess you could say he probably has all of the above? xD  Vaine is not magical, so he doesn’t get that, but he’s been trained as a Knight practically since birth, so he has pretty good fighting skills.  His ability to not care is pretty finely-honed, as well as his abilities to be a grade-A ass when he wants to be.  Vaine also suffers from a kind of narcolepsy, so he’s prone to falling asleep at some pretty inconvenient times!  That’s like a power, right?
5. Why is life so good for 10?
Kree is riding pretty high at the moment–he’s the fearless and powerful leader of the Ogres.  He’s got his pick of women for mating, he gets the choicest meat at dinner, and is generally pretty bad-ass.  What’s not to love?
6. Why does 2’s life suck?
Even though he’s technically the ‘legitimate’ heir to the throne, Rhys has KIND of been overshadowed by his older brother Vaine for his entire life.  Better fighter, better lover, more badass… Yeah, Rhys just can’t win, and he knows it.  (Which I guess is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy in itself.)  As if that weren’t bad enough, Rhys finally finds a girl he’s smitten with, and big bro comes it and steals her away without even trying.  Rhys has a lot to overcome, ah hah!
7. What is 3 most afraid of?
Dianthus is afraid that people will realize she isn’t as hardened as she pretends to be on the outside.  She’s spent years and years trying to cultivate this I-don’t-care attitude, but the truth is that she does care and can’t bear to have people realize she has those emotions and think of them as weakness.  Her family spent years tearing her down–she built herself back up again, but there are chinks in the wall.  She just doesn’t realize they’re only a weakness if she allows them to be.
8. If you could have any trait in common with 9, what would it be?
Briette gets to have sex with Vaine, and I’m not going to lie… I’d do that in a hearbeat. >_>;  (Wait, is that a trait?  No?  Oh well.)
9. By using only three words, describe 6.
That Other Guy.
10. What would 5’s theme song be?
I’m so bad with music, because I basically listen to the same 5 songs from Florence + the Machine over and over again, ha ha!  Uhhhhmmmm….  The music they play during training montages, probably!  Carrah starts out as a nobody with no control over her future, but when she meets Rhys she realizes she has options, and she works hard to make those doors open for herself.
11. Who would you rather “get to know better:” 1 or 7?
ONE, definitely one.  Didn’t I mention that already?  No offense Satiir, but… It’s Vaine.
12. Who do you think looks better in pink: 4 or 9?
What kind of question is this? xD  Uhm… Probably Briette, although she wouldn’t appreciate me saying that.  I mean, she goes for this mysterious bad-ass hunter vibe, but… I just can’t imagine a stately middle-aged Elf in pink!
13. Who would be a better personal bodyguard: 2 or 8?
That’s tough.  Would I be mean if I picked Eloine over Rhys?  I just feel like I’m picking on the poor guy!  But Eloine is damn scary when she wants to be, and she has the whole magic thing going for her…  Although Rhys would be a much more enjoyable bodyguard.  Either way, I’d feel pretty safe, I’ll just say that.
14. Who would you rather have as a sibling: 5 or 10?
Definitely Carrah!  She’s fun, and sweet, and we’d probably get along like sisters easily enough.  Kree is a huge, slightly feral descendant of Giants, so…  That one might be a little harder to explain to my parents.
15. Who would you rather trust with your most prized worldly possession: 3 or 6?
Uhm.  Well, Dianthus would probably take better care of them, assuming she agreed to take them, although I’m not sure why she would.  Trevan would accept them good-naturedly, but he’s kind of accident-prone and awkward, so…  But he TRIES.  xD  I know, not much of an answer, but I’m tired. x)


Thanks for reading!  (If you did.  Maybe you just skipped down here.)  Here’s a fun video I found on youtube and thought of you guys. 🙂



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