Escapism at its best.

If I had to name a website that pretty much summed up a large chunk of my interests in one go, it would have to be  I generally try to steer away from stereotyping myself that way, because I think it’s dangerous–it makes me feel like I’m ruling out entire other chunks of myself, like if I enjoy Star Trek and World of Warcraft than I can’t possibly like shoes and makeup or sports or anything else, but let’s face it.  At heart, a large part of my personality is whatever special something it is that designates someone as a nerd or a dork or whatever you want to call it.  And while I think that definition is widening, becoming so much more main-stream even today, it can still hold some odd connotations.

ANYWAY, that’s a topic for another day.  I guess what I was writing to talk about was Doctor Who.
You may remember that I mentioned I had an obsessive personality…?  Yeah, well, it’s still going strong.  I have a tendency to latch onto certain things for periods of time, and it’s like I can’t let them go–I have to know everything and anything about them.  I don’t know when it started, exactly.  The first time I can recall was when I became enamored with Anime and that whole culture back in seventh grade–Inuyasha specifically.  I’ve had a couple such intense obsessions since then.  The most recent has to be Doctor Who.

Oh look at them all.  If I’m correct, (but don’t quote me,) I’m pretty sure that Doctor Who counts as the longest-running Science Fiction show of all time–I mean, not all at once I don’t think, but it certainly has the most episodes.  And that’s saying something, considering the somewhat spotty reputation Science Fiction has always had.  While a some genres gather more respect than others, and some (like romance) are tolerated with a sort of indulgence, Syfy is looked at for being rather kitschy and outlandish–yes, even by Fantasy standards.  Just something about that on-the-cusp-of-reality-but-not thing, maybe–it’s too close to reality, a possibility of reality with all the science and whatnot, but isn’t, and isn’t far enough out there to incur full suspension of disbelief.  That’s my theory anyway, you might have your own.

Obviously I don’t mind at all–I love me some Syfy, and actually as a genre is has gained more popularity of late, a trend I hope with increase.

So Doctor Who.  I avoided watching this show for years, because I was afraid of it.  I’m not sure why–maybe I thought I wouldn’t like it, because of all the changing involved?  Or maybe I knew that I would like it TOO much, which is probably more accurate.  I know myself fairly well, you see, and this is something that’s right up my alley.

But all of these kinds of things always come with a grain of salt–they always make me feel just a little bit bad.  It’s that escapism aspect of them.  I mean, all forms of entertainment are an escape of sorts, but some I tend to latch onto more than others.  It’s not to say that I don’t want to be living the life I’m living, or at least not exactly that…  Just that the other worlds and situations, and the amazing PEOPLE in books and television shows and movies… They’re so TEMPTING, you know?  I can relate to all of the Doctor’s companions.  Who would say no to that man if he leaned out of his blue box and asked you to join him in seeing the whole of the universe in time and space?  There’s a reason I’m in the business of the make-believe, after all.

But it’s always sad to think that it might only ever be just that–make-believe.  Why should we as humans be able to imagine such MIRACULOUS things, if they could never happen?

And if they CAN happen, would they ever happen to me?  I want that more than anything, I think.

Now have a video of the Doctor (10) dancing around and yelling and being utterly fantastic. 🙂  Cheers!



12 thoughts on “Escapism at its best.

  1. ” There’s a reason I’m in the business of the make-believe, after all.” I can see this being a quote from you in the future. I took a fantasy novel class once and we discussed the importance of escapism in fantasy and science fiction literature. It’s an interesting concept. While some were certain that was the big purpose of fantasy literature, others were adamant that there was more to fantasy/sci-fi than just using it as an escape and that escapism was a ‘crutch’ to the genre.
    And I have to say, I’ve resisted watching Doctor Who as well. I have no qualms watching Torchwood however which is something else you should check out since it’s a Doctor Who spinoff. 🙂
    Great post! Very thought-provoking!

    • I may have to watch Torchwood some day–probably when my need for new Doctor Who episodes isn’t being satiated, ha ha. x) Which is bound to be soon, considering how I’m devouring all the episodes before me. Plus I love Jack Harkness, so. That man is hilarious. Anyway, thanks for the comment! >w< I like to think some day I'll be popular enough to have quotes, lol. I don't think escapism is a crutch to a genre–I mean, isn't the whole point of reading to escape, just a little? Whether into a fiction or someone's memoirs or history or just anything, really. If you don't want to do the dishes, or you want to go somewhere else while riding the bus. But I think that's OK. 🙂

    • Aw, thanks! =D I’ll have to look into doing a post for that! I don’t follow a whole lot of blogs, ha ha, but I’m sure I can come up with a few to nominate. 🙂
      And yeah, let’s face it–I was always going to like Doctor Who. It’s in my genetic code or something.
      LOL THE LIGHTKEEPER. Oh Em Gee, I miss you guys. xD We’re keeping ourselves afloat, but it’s been a tough semester, lemme tell you. I understand your gratitude at not being here though, ha ha ha. We’ll see how that goes, mm?

  2. I got into watching Dr. Who when BBC redid it with Christopher Eccleston. I’d seen him in another project so I got interested in seeing what he’d do with the Dr. Who role.

    I have to admit that David Tennant is my favorite Doctor. He brings such zest to the role.

    Ever seen the conversation between the Dr. and Donna Noble at the Adipose factory? So funny. The entire conversation takes place without sound but you can tell what they’re saying anyway. And then the villains stop talking and our heroes realize “whoops, time to go!”

    • I started watching at the 2005 reboot too! (That’s what they have on Netflix anyway.) While I do love me some Chris Eccleston and Matt Smith, David Tennant really did have something special–but I guess that’s what I like about Dr. Who–everyone can have their own pick of their favorite Doctors and Companions. 🙂
      (For what it’s worth, my favorite companion is TOTALLY Donna Noble. She was such a cut-up. And yeah, that mouthed conversation! I was laughing so hard, ha ha.) 😀

      • Interesting how each actor interprets the role differently, isn’t it? Eccleston seemed remote, Tennant had lots of energy and Smith went for goofy, weird and endearing. At least that’s how I saw them.

      • No, definitely! But their different personalities also worked so well when you consider where they were at in the Doctor’s life–Eccleston was remote and kind of introverted, having just gotten out of the Time War and suffering from that. Tennant was kind of the opposite–he was playing the time when the Doctor was coming to terms with being the last Time Lord and sort of reveling in his power. And Matt Smith is the Doctor post-that kind of power-mad kind of attitude, and is kind of mellowing out into a weirdo. x)

      • I know, right? That’s why that one special, “The Waters of Mars”, was so disturbing–it was like the Doctor reaching that edge, stepping over it, and then regretting it. But hey, he’s only human… Oh, wait. Okay, he’s Time Lord, but still. x) I think it was nice, if weird, to get to see that more vulnerable side of him, and not just see him as like the all-knowing, all-powerful, everything-works-out-in-the-end time-traveler.

      • Amen to that. And have you seen “The Ballad of Russell and Julie” Doctor Who video on YouTube? It’s about the making of the new BBC Doctor Who, set to music. Too funny. I think you’d like it if you haven’t already seen it.

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