100 Pageviews Giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Unfortunately I guess that since I don’t pay wordpress tons of money, they won’t let the Javascript show up, so you’ll have to click that link to go to my fancy giveaway.

But the point is I have one!

And it will be running from The 13th of August to the 13th of September!  That’s one whole month!  Read on for details~

Thanks for 100 views!

Your interest is really heartening and inspiring. ❤  Even if people found their way here on accident, looking for something completely different, thank you.  It makes me feel like someone in the world gives a darn about whether I finish this book besides me, which is enormously comforting.  Writing can be a lonely job sometimes!

So what about this giveaway?

WELL.  Since I was so excited, I decided to raffle something off, as both a thank-you to people who have been around my website this month, as well as to possibly drum up some more interest.

What do you have to do to enter?  Well, the whole thing is COMPLETELY FREE!  For you anyway–I cover the prize and shipping. 🙂

Unfortunately, due to a lot of things, the giveaway is only available to the US and Canada.  Sorry anyone else. 😦  Hopefully in the future I will be able to ship things wherever I want!  And you will feel more loved.  But I do appreciate your support, 100%. ❤

You mentioned a prize?

Well of course I did!  What’s the point of a giveaway if I’m not giving anything away?  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a picture up here soon, but I’m sending one lucky person…

One (1) Red Jewel Necklace with Matching Earrings. (Which is reminiscent of a necklace that I mention in my book, Mercenary!)

I realize guys might think this is kind of a girly prize (and it is,) but hey!  If you win, you could give it to your girlfriend, or save it for next Mother’s Day!  Or even sell it for your own profit!  THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

Great!  Sign me up!

That’s just the attitude I was hoping for!  Entering is HOPEFULLY really easy, and you have a lot of ways to enter yourself multiple times in the raffle.  Those ways are–

For 3 entries, all you have to do is Follow My Blog!  (If you’re already doing it, great, you can check that one off the list!)

For 2 entries, ‘Like’ me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter!

And for 1 entry, ‘Like’ this blog post, Tweet about the Giveaway, or leave a comment ANYWHERE on my website!

And you’re free to do all of the above!  If you do, you’ll have a grand total of TEN (10) entries into the raffle, and TEN chances to win!

Praise be!

Yeah, I know, it’s most excellent indeed. Again, the contest is open from the 13th of August till the 13th of September.  When it closes I will choose a winner, randomly, using Rafflecopter’s random-winner-picker, and I will both announce it here and send the winner an e-mail.  (After making sure that their entry is valid!)  The e-mail will be to confirm your address, so I can ship your fancy new prize. 🙂

PLEASE BE AT LEAST 13 YEARS OR OLDER.  And have permission from your parents, if you’re living with them–I don’t want to get in trouble for having your address and sending you things if it will creep out your folks.  :I

So thanks again for all of your support, the views, the likes, and the comments–you’re truly champs, guys. 🙂  And good luck when the giveaway starts!  I probably won’t be online much from now until I get back home from Ireland, so I wanted to leave you with this.  Any questions?  Just comment and ask, or shoot me an e-mail, and I’ll try to respond as fast as I can!



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