It’s Flippin’ Friday!


Sorry about that, or any other weird words I use–

I’ve been watching a lot of Adventure Time! lately and I think it is rubbing off on me–I’ve been using words like ‘lumping’ and ‘glob’ in casual conversation, which can be construed as ‘weird’.  I don’t think so, but then, it is me we’re talking about.

So!  We’ve come to another Friday, and I think that I managed to post every day this week–well, every WEEKday anyway, since I was busy last weekend and will be off having more adventures again this weekend.  In fact, there is a Bank Holiday Monday here in Ireland, which means I get a THREE-DAY weekend!  Woohoo!  Unfortunately I probably won’t have any time to post anything for the next three days, but hey–I’ll be back with a vengeance on Tuesday. >:D

So, let Random Friday commence!

I guess that like last Friday, I’ll just use this space to talk about a few random topics that are not enough to form individual posts, but which will hopefully be interesting enough for a Random Friday post.  (Should this continue to be a thing?  Random Friday?  I like it.)

  1. Grace Writes Wanderlust!  Aka  Grace is a friend of mine from the frigid white north, where I go to school, but she got a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card and graduated this past May–I’m super jelly.  Anywhosits, Grace is entirely too awesome, with interests (and some sort of degrees) in Art & Design and Writing.  Wanderlust, the book she’s currently working on, is a YA book set IN IRELAND HOMIGAWD and will also have illustrations, showcasing her other talents.  I can’t wait to get a peep at it when it is all done!  She’ll be self-publishing, which is exhausting to do properly, so I wish her all of the best I can muster.


That’s pretty much the only thing I had sitting around in my brain-space today.  Mm.  Well that leaves a bit of empty space, doesn’t it?

Actually–Grace recently introduced me to another webcomic which is so freakin’ awesome, and I can hardly wrap my brain around it.  It’s so… esoteric.  Don’t go into this thinking it is like anything you’ve ever read or looked at before, because you’ll be sorely disappointed, but hopefully amazed by what you have found.

The Abominable Charles Christopher is a comic set in what appears to be olden-times nature, and deals with a lot of very human issues and ideas in the form of humanized animals.  (This guy is so flipping talented he can draw like, any animal ever.)  It also centers on the fragile and dangerous balance between the natural world and human worlds, which is always a topic fraught with angst.  The ‘main’ character and plot appears to be Charles, some kind of abominable snow-creature, except… not?  I have no idea what he is actually. :I  Neither does anyone else in the comic.  But the sub-plots are as awesomely enjoyable as the main one, and the art is truly a joy to behold.  Check it out!


Writer update?

Well… I’ve done a bit of writing, actually.  I finished the first section of my prologue, which is about 1.4k words.  The prologue will probably end up being the length of a chapter–which I hope is OK!  I’m not 100% sure about etiquette with that sort of thing, but I guess I can make it as long as I want.  No doubt it will be shortened during the editing process.

If you’ve seen the front page lately, I also joined up with Camp Nanowrimo!  Nanowrimo, or National Novel Writing Month, is a great and fun way to try to loosen yourself up for some good, old-fashion book-padding.  I’ll no doubt do a more in-depth post about Nano when November gets closer, but check it out if you’re interested now!  Either or just will get you going.

Either way, Camp Nano actually has this thing where you are put into a ‘cabin’ of other writers.  I asked for mine to be close to my age, and also be writing in the same genre as me, and my results seem cool–I hope to get to know them better!  Contacts are awesome.

Speaking of, I also signed up on Young Adult Books Central,, a site for YA Books.  I haven’t had much time to explore yet, but I’ll let you know.  In case you couldn’t tell, I’m trying to branch out and meet other people in my genre, and maybe build up a following.  It would be easier if I had anything to show them, but hey, one step at a time, dude.

So have a great Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  =D  I’ll be traveling to Blarney, Cork, Dingle and the Ring of Kerry, and will more than likely post something or other about all of that jazz when Tuesday rolls around.

Hopefully I don’t have another dream where I’m throwing my alarm clock, and then wake up late for work to find I actually did throw my alarm clock–not cool, man, not cool. :I



3 thoughts on “It’s Flippin’ Friday!

  1. Thanks for all the love, Celeste! I’m glad you’re enjoying Charles Christopher, I think it’s pretty much one of the best things out there and not too many people know about it.

    • No trouble at all! Gotta spread the love. 🙂 Just wish I had more followers to through your way–after all, you’re much farther along this crazy path than I am. x) And yeah! I read like the entire thing thus far today–I couldn’t stop hitting the ‘next’ button! Truly awesome.

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