Comic Lit FTW!

A long long time ago,

Although not so long ago really, I considered being an Art & Design major.  Starting in about 7th grade I began to really draw and do artistic stuff–it was the beginning of a very Japan-inspired phase, but also a longer-lasting relationship with doodling, drawing and all things art-y.  The above pictures are some of mine that I’m pretty happy with. 🙂

Anyway, so I got on this artistic kick, and to my surprise I wasn’t completely awful at it.  For a few years in High School, when college applications were looming overhead, I gave some serious thought to trying art as my major.  What it came down to was cost–I had wanted to go to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), and the fact that I’m not hugely self-motivated, and beating other people out for commissions and jobs wasn’t something I wanted to do or felt I had the capability of doing.

I think I made the right choice in the long run to go for English instead–I feel much more confident about my abilities in that department, and I’ve loved working in publishing thus far.  But I still love art, and all of my notes from school are covered in scribbles and little cartoon people doing little cartoon things.  The fact is, comics are one of my favorite art forms–after all, they combine writing AND pictures to make something exquisite and beautiful. ❤

So today I thought I’d introduce you to some of my favorite web comics!

In case you’d like a small palate-cleanser from your usual diet of great literature, here are a few different comics you can check out. 🙂  While I always recommend purchasing graphic novels from bookshops, these are a few that you can just look at in your web browser during lunch at work, or on your phone on your way home.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Johnny Wander

1. Johnny Wander

This is actually the newest comic in my regularly scheduled lineup, but I totally love it, and wasn’t reading anything like it beforehand.  Johnny Wander is generally written by Ananth and illustrated by Yuko, a dynamic couple, and it is a slice-of-life comedic comic about their day-to-day lives and shenanigans.  It has some hilarious side-characters, especially their cats… There’s just something about reading a comic where all of the characters are real people that is so epically awesomeJohnny Wander

Gunnerkrigg Court

2. Gunnerkrigg Court

The art, which was a little wobbly to begin with, has blossomed into a truly lovely style that is so uniquely its artist, Tom Siddell.  Gunnerkrigg is a story with a plot–very sort of steampunk-esque, with all of the machines and whatnot, but also somewhat fantastical.  It’s the story of a young girl, Antimony Carver, and her time at the crazy magical school that is Gunnerkrigg Court.  Siddell’s imagination really is off the wall, but I love it.  This comic updates MWF.  Gunnerkrigg Court

3. Girls with Slingshots

Girls with Slingshots by the incredibly talented cartoonist Danielle Corsetto could probably be counted as one of my guilty pleasures.  It looks dirtier than it really is from that picture… Or maybe not.  I’m not sure anymore. xD  It is basically a fictionalized version of slice-of-life, although as the comic progresses (and this comic is insanely long) it gained more plots, storylines, character development and conflict.  Watching these characters interact is enormously satisfying, even if their love lives are totally messed up, their careers half-assed, and they all have drinking problems.  Updates pretty much every day except weekends.  Girls with Slingshots

I hope you check them out!

I also have a lot more than I enjoy reading, but the ones above are the ones that update most frequently–the rest tend to go on long hiatus, or are more cruelly subjected to the artists’ free time outside of work.  But in case you’re interested, they are:

Lackadaisy Cats – A superbly-drawn series by a talented artist and writer that takes place during prohibition in the 20s.  The best part?  All of the characters ARE CATS. ❤

Teahouse – Well, the title says it all–a webcomic about fancy whores.  This comic is DEFINITELY 18+, but if you’re that age it is totally worth a look… Well, and you don’t mind yaoi.  The art is quite beautiful… Yeah.  Look at it for THE ART.

YUP, well, that’s about it for today!  Guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. ^^




3 thoughts on “Comic Lit FTW!

  1. Hey Kiah, your art is really good! I haven’t gotten up to date with Gunnerkrigg Court in years but it is such quality stuff. 🙂 I am, of course, a daily GWS reader. Do you read Questionable Content? And how about The Abominable Charles Christopher?

    • Right? I hate waiting for GC’s only 3-a-week updates, but they’re so worth it. I don’t think I’ve read either of those, but since you mentioned them, I just may have to look them up! 🙂
      And thanks, ha ha. xD I wish I had more time to draw–it’s quite fun.

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