Lemme get real for a moment…

Happy August everyone!

I can hardly believe it is already August 2012.

Where has the time gone?  I feel like I’ll be back in school before I know it, and then it’s just a stone’s throw to Christmas and 2013… Yikes!  Life has a tendency to blow by the older you get, but sometimes you need to take a step back and think about that.  You know–appreciate things.  All that jazz.  Especially since I hope that next year will FINALLY be the year I have a finished book to try to sell in the world.

All of that aside though, I wanted to mention an issue very close to me.

As we enter August and I get all life-and-time contemplative, not to mention the fact that my sister’s birthday is actually tomorrow, I just thought I’d address something that tends to be pretty horrible and seems to strike completely at random.

One of my best friend’s cousins, Gabe, was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  For anyone who isn’t 100% sure what that is (I know I was in that camp when I first heard) you can check out this link.  Basically it is cancer.

Now Gabe is a champ–he’s been doing awesomely, and I’ve been keeping tabs from here in Ireland, although I’m sad that I can’t be there with everyone else.  That kid is just adorable–he loves cars and fish, and is just a delightful little boy–and it was really a blow to me when I found out about his condition.  I was practically there when Gabe was born, as I’ve been friends with his cousin for years, and all of her family is like a second family to me.  Cancer is one of those terrible things that you think could never happen to the people you care about, and when it does nobody is really prepared for it.

So why am I mentioning this?

Well, I mean, I don’t know…  Because it is important to me I guess?  Which obviously doesn’t translate into being important to you, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. :I  I just want Gabe to grow up, to be old enough to realize how fast time is going, to live to maybe even read this book I am trying to write.  I want him to have all of the experiences he can, because everyone deserves that.  I know a lot of people, children included, never get that chance, but I want it for him.

What can you do?

I’M NOT ASKING FOR MONEY I SWEAR, and even if I did collect any, I don’t think that Gabe and his family would accept it–they’re doing very well at taking care of this on their own.  And Gabe is responding quite well to treatment–his chemo went off without a hitch, although last I heard he did have a fever and was spending a few more days in the hospital with a low red blood cell count.

Which is something I wanted to mention.  If you donate blood regularly, or happen to donate blood anytime soon, you can donate in Gabe’s name.  🙂  I know for sure the Red Cross is involved, although for others it wouldn’t hurt to ask.  When you do, Gabe gets credit for the blood, and this helps him in his own battles–isn’t that nice?  So if you don’t have anyone else to donate for, donate for him!  (Your blood type doesn’t matter–your blood won’t be going directly to him, it’s just a credit system.)

When you go to donate blood, just tell them you’d like to donate in the name of Gabe Rooker, and that’s that–you’ve just seriously helped my little buddy. 🙂  And I’ll be forever grateful.

Thanks for reading!

As much as I want to be able to do something to help get rid of his cancer, this is a slow battle fought in a hospital that Gabe and his family have to fight themselves.  But if this is a way I can help, I know I will.

Does anyone else know someone battling cancer?  Gabe isn’t alone in his section of the hospital, so I know a lot of other children suffer as well.  Feel free to share stories–my heart goes out to all of you.



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