Launch Party and Short Story

Hello everyone!  Happy Tuesday!

I know Tuesday’s aren’t particularly special or anything, but still… This particular one is the last day of July, so I guess that’s something?  I can hardly believe that August begins tomorrow–the older I get the more it seems that time is going by at Warp Speed 9.  Probably just how busy I am with my time!

Launch of Mary Stanley’s book The Hijacking of Cassie Peters

This is what I was preoccupied with yesterday evening, and it was a blast!  I was quite invested in this project–my internship is only 6 weeks long, which really is a blink of an eye in the business world.  I’ve worked on different aspects of the publishing business with a lot of different books, but Hijacking was the only one to be launched while I am here, so I feel particularly attached to it. ❤

Yesterday was pretty much perfect, and it really brought home how much I’m going to miss my job here and all of the people I work with.  (All, like, three or four of them.  We’re close-knit.)  There was wine and Orange Juice, which I enjoyed in moderation, a really great crowd of people, and the bookstore sold out of copies–always excellent!  I got introduced to a lot of people, authors and publishing alike, and although crowds aren’t really my thing I think I mingled like a champ.

The author even thanked me in person!  She was a lovely lady, really nice and charming, and when she read a couple pages of her book out loud it was like listening to a book on tape–her voice had that awesome melodious-accent quality that you just want to listen to forever, regardless of what it is saying.  (Although I WAS paying attention!)

The entire evening was just a really great experience, hopefully one of many book launches to come (both on the publisher side and the author side!), and I think it did well to make me feel even more at home here.  And thanks to Hodges Figgis Bookstore–they were so helpful and accommodating!

Mary Stanley at the podium!

(And everyone enjoyed the wine–I was helping to clean up a bit, and there were empty glasses hidden in the bookshelves.  People are so sneaky!)

I posted a short story up on the site!

You can find it under ‘Fun Stuff’, and ‘Short Stories’ on the link bar above, or click this link here if you have no time for that tomfoolery.

The story is called To Burn a Witch, and while you can read a bit about it at the bottom of the story page, I just thought I’d say a few words about it here as well.

In a short summary (since it is a short story,) this short is set in America in colonial times, and is a narrative about the misrepresentation of women and healers as witches because of fear in the New World.

This, like most of my finished works, was an assignment for a writing class in college.  (What can I say?  Like all good procrastinators I work best under a deadline.)  It was the 400 level Narrative Writing Seminar, and sadly the last writing class available to me–boo!  But I got a few good things out of it, one of which being this short story.

As I said on the page, I actually presented this story in February at the 2012 Sigma Tau Delta Writing Conference in New Orleans–Sigma Tau Delta is a writing/English fraternity, which is why I joined… I’m not really Greek material under normal circumstances, ha ha!  But our school’s English program was ridiculously awesome at funding us, so I didn’t have to pay for much of anything–score!  Presenting my story went awesome, and I felt so important–it was the first time I’d read my work out loud to an attentive group like that, in such a semi-formal atmosphere, and gotten questioned on it afterwards–almost like being a ‘real’ writer!

So if you read, I hope you enjoy it, and remember to leave a comment. 😉

Cheers all!



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