Tidbit Friday Fun!

It’s Friday again!

Funny how they keep cycling around, huh?

Anyway, I don’t have anything particularly deep and meaningful to talk about today–no revelations about my story, no fun adventures to go on and on about, and no impromptu rants about beverages.

But, I do have a few little bits and bobs that I thought would be fun to throw into a Friday post, so you’re welcome to stick around for those!

  1. I received my FIRST EVER COMMENT on my blog today!  So a big thanks to Michelle Proulx for that. 🙂  She’s actually self-publishing her own novel soon, which sounds really exciting–she likes all the genres I like, so I may have to check it out myself–alien abduction, a mercenary love interest, romance, adventure, YA/Adult goodness…  Yup, sounds like my cup of tea!
    You can check out her blog, which is also on WordPress, here.  Good luck Michelle!
  2. I normally don’t do this, because I don’t really see much point in it–if your book turns into a movie, they’re going to cast whoever they want, not who you want.  Still, occasionally if I’m googling things and someone pops up that makes me go Oh yes, that’s him/her exactly! I take note.
    That sort of happened today, when I found this picture of Jesse Spencer and was like, “Wow, he really looks like that one guy from my book!”  So, as a special treat, here is a general idea of what the main character of Mercenarylooks like. 

    The hair would be a bit longer, the stubble darker and more pronounced, and of course Jesse smiles WAY too much to be my grumpy protagonist, but the idea is the same. 🙂  So enjoy that!

  3. I know that a lot of writers and authors will have a large selection of music they listen to while writing, which has a tendency to become the books ‘Playlist’.  I don’t do that often, because I find that my brain gets distracted easily from its goal, which is writing.  BUT, I do have some music I listen to a lot, and that I would write to if I could.  It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Mercenary, but that’s okay.  I’m quite unconventional.  Most of the music on my brain lately has come from Florence + The Machine’s newest album, Ceremonials.  Boy can that woman sing!  The music is always so haunting, but beautiful.  The rest of my tastes are random and eclectic at best, but I’ve also had ‘Cough Syrup’ by Young the Giant (the Glee – Darren Criss version) stuck in my head with Gotye and ‘Animal’ by Neon Trees.
  4. Aaaaaand last but… well, probably least, I thought I would just include some random information about myself!  Pad Thai is my favorite Thai food ever–rivaled very closely by Peanut Sauce.  Yum.  I went through a very anime-inspired Japan phase in High School, and my room is still completely covered in posters and little figurines from then.  And I only learned how to put on makeup a year and a half ago–before that I was completely hopeless and refused to wear any.  I stabbed myself in the eye with a mascara wand years ago which was the end of that until Sophomore year of college.  Now I love makeup–it’s like art for your face! =D

Well, that’s all for now. 🙂  If any other writer/blogger/authors want to comment and let me know you exist, I’ll be more than happy to pimp you out on my blog!  (I don’t know how much traffic you can expect from that, but hey, why not, right?)

Now I’ve got Darren Criss on the brain again, so I’ll leave all of us with a picture of him before I go.  ❤  If I got to choose to spend a day with anyone alive on this earth, I think it would be him–he is like, the coolest (and super-hawt).  Plus he’s Harry-freakin’-Potter!

I’d pay this guy a boatload of money, and let him keep the boat, if he would be in a movie of my book. @^@ I could actually totally see him as Jesse Spencer’s brother. Ah, to dream…

Laters guys,



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