Writing Update: 7/24/12

Update Time!

Just in case anyone was like,

“I thought this was a website about some supposed wanna-be writer?”

You would be correct!  Ha ha, and I am working on something…  Something I’m quite excited for.  With any luck, and a large amount of hard work, it will shape up to be my first novel.  ❤  I just need to write it first!

(Slightly off topic, but I love old typewriters–my mother used to have one from her old school days, and when I was younger she’d let me play around on it.  I even typed up a little neighborhood newspaper once or twice, and sold it to people around the block for a nickel!  They were so nice to humor a goofy little kid, ha ha.)

Anyway, I’m really about bursting at the gills to write a huge big post about my project–in fact I have most of it written up already and saved as a draft on my wordpress!  But the truth is I’m a bit hesitant about posting it for a dozen or so reasons.  Some of the main ones are the picture I want to post with it, and the one I would like to use as the cover (if it gets to that point, and I have any say), doesn’t belong to me, and I haven’t heard back from the artist.  Second, I’m very… unsure about posting my ideas on such a public forum as this.  Not that I don’t trust 99.9% of you, but all it takes is a .1% who works faster than I do, and I’ve lost all of my ideas and what little originality my story possessed to some poacher. >:I  Sadly it has happened before, and I’m so in love with this idea, I don’t want it to happen again!

Still, as I’ve said I’m eager to divulge at least some information about my creative genius–I spent the entire weekend riding around on buses, or at least it often felt that way, and while I was I came up with so many awesomely cool ideas that fleshed out my rather basic concepts.  In short, I’m so pumped right now!  If anyone wondered, I use yarny.me for my writing–it is an online program for writers created by the people behind the scenes of Nanowrimo–because it is just so user-friendly and practical.  I can access it from any computer I have internet from, which means I don’t have to carry around my laptop or a harddrive–win!  Plus the computers and servers at yarny are like Fort Knox–which is a lot more than I can say for my own craptop.  :I  (You should check it out–it’s completely free!)

Oh right, I was on a thought there… anyway!  The point I was making was that of a compromise with myself.  If I can write at least half of the rough draft, I can post something on here in the ‘Current Projects’ section.  Half of the book will give me a good head start in case anyone has ideas about copying my work, right?  Plus it will (hopefully) motivate me to write faster!  And I’ll be a little more vague on the details until the entire draft has been written, and I can really start running with this book.  Then hopefully you’ll get not only a detailed ‘Current Project’ summary, but details about buying your very own copy!

As a special treat for anyone who gets this far into the post and still cares what I have to say, here’s a little early tidbit.  The book I’m working on is an Adult/Young Adult Fantasy story.  It has a large main cast of interesting and diverse characters who are forced to work together to achieve an end, and do so while traversing a large fantastical world.  (Yes, this involves maps and all that fancy fantasy stuff.)  Its working title (although I am quite fond of it) is Mercenary.  Stay tuned, and feel free to comment–I need all the encouragement I can get!  Deep down, writers just want some love. ❤




3 thoughts on “Writing Update: 7/24/12

  1. I’m a fan of anything involving mercenaries. Got to love them hired killers. As for posting about the contents of your book… I’d be careful. Just in case. Or if you definitely want to post about it, get your work copyrighted first. I did that with the book I’m self-publishing, so I know for sure that no one can steal my ideas. Technically intellectual property laws give you the rights to your creation, but it’s always best to be extra careful. Also, congrats on your book! I look forward to reading more about it 🙂

    • Thank you so much! As the first comment on my blog, I’m somewhat ecstatic, so thank you for that as well. 🙂 Yes, mercenaries are so fun–their potential for mischief, mayhem, and redemption-arcs are infinite and fun. And yes, it makes me sad that I have to be so careful with my ideas, but there you have it. Getting it copyrighted is a good idea–where did you do that? Thanks again, and I hope to be able to post something more substantial soon! ^^ And I hope that the book you’re publishing is successful!

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