Borders Remembered: a Bitter Farewell

I just wanted to draw some attention to this editorial, as I agree with everything it says.  😦

It is sad for me to remember Borders–it was without a doubt my favorite book store–and reading this just brought all of those feelings back again.

If anyone else has memories of a local Borders, please, leave a comment!  I spent a large chunk of my life in those stores, and their loss is both unbelievable and hard.  As someone who both writes and works in the publishing business as well, seeing one of our own go down is never easy.  A bookstore going out of business is always painful–not just large ones, but small, privately-owned stores as well.
So support your local bookstore!  Kindles and e-readers and the like are convenient, but in my opinion, nothing will ever replace the experience of reading a paper-and-ink book.




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