Care of Dublin

A castle near the Boyne River in Ireland


I’m not sure if I really mentioned this or not, but I’m currently in Ireland for seven weeks as part of a college program.  It’s really, really awesome.

I’ve already been here for three weeks or so, and am working my way through the fourth.  Time moves so fast when you’re both having fun, traveling, and trying to work an internship.  My head is dizzy from the speed of my time here, the green, and all of the rain. (There is so much rain in Ireland–but I guess that’s why it is called The Emerald Isle!)

It is very hard not to be inspired here.  Although I spend most of my week in the Georgian architecture, dangerous traffic and fast-walking surrounds of City Centre Dublin, on weekends my flatmates and I take buses out into the countryside.  We have yet to see any sheep crossing the street in front of us, but we’re ever hopeful.  I’d have to say that County Wicklow has thus far been my favorite area, as it seems to embody the quintessential Ireland that one has in mind when they imagine this country.  (Or at least that I had in mind!)

My original interest in Ireland came about in Sophomore year of High School, much at the same time my interest in writing reappeared with a vengeance.  A friend lent me Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts, the first in a trilogy that takes place here, and I was immediately hooked.  It all sounded so… romantic.  (I can’t imagine why…)  When the opportunity to come over and participate in an internship arose, I couldn’t say ‘Yes!’ fast enough!

Like I said earlier, it is impossible not to stand at the tops of valleys, cliffs and mountains, and not feel the stirring need to create.  Whether with paper and pencil, paint, music or words, this green country with its rolling hills, wide lakes, ancient castles and wooly sheep-dotted fields will be enough to inspire anyone.  I would be lying if I said I was immune.  Every evening when I come home from work, I launch into my account to throw my thoughts onto the white screen–my bus and tram rides are more than enough time to let my creativity get the better of me!

Unfortunately, as soon as this grand adventure is over, I find myself staring down at only a week before my final year of college begins.  In many ways, I’m exciting, straining the yoke to get it done and over with–in many others I’m quaking in my wellies at the thought of losing that anchor of education.  But there are many things to come in-between, including the finishing of my novel, which I am due-bound and determined to complete by Christmas.

Stay Tuned!

Cheers all,



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